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Car Aroma Diffuser

  • Car Aroma Diffuser-A Good Product For You Many drivers actually pay more attention to the exterior and configuration of the car, but it is rarely heard that people care about the environment inside the car. In fact, the air inside the car contains automobile exhaust, dust, odor, leather smell, human


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  • The working principle of the fragrance spreading machine is as follows: The main parts of the fragrance expander are composed of the motor (vacuum pump), atomizer and working procedure control panel. After the fragrance expander starts, the vacuum pump produces air pressure, and then conveys the air to the atomizer, forming a strong pressure that makes the essential oil in the oil storage tank impact into small atomized particles, which diffuse out. To form the smell of essential oil in the air, through the central air conditioning fresh air duct or with the flow of air will spread the fragrance to various areas.


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