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With so many incense appliances, why should we pay for the incense machine?

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With so many incense appliances, why should we pay for the incense machine?

Aromatherapy can make the space full of fragrance, accompanied by your morning and night. The exquisite and rich coat is undoubtedly a visual feast. In recent years, with the development of the market, there are more and more aromatherapy devices on the market, so many Fang you want to buy are uncertain.
At present, the main incensers on the market are:

Candle incense lamp

Principle: Use candle heating to help volatilize

Main Advantages and Disadvantages: Candle light can create an atmosphere, but candle burning may cause safety problems, and candle burning may produce harmful substances and consume oxygen, so it is recommended not to use more.

Scent- candle

Water oxygen machine

Principle: Using Ultrasound Oscillation + Fan Blowing

Main advantages and disadvantages: water mist creates atmosphere and humidifying space; however, low-level aircraft atomization is not safe, the desktop will be wet, not suitable for the application of wet places.

Scent-frangrance disffuser

Expanded stone

Principle: Use constant temperature (60-70 degrees Celsius) heating to help volatilization
Main Advantages and Disadvantages: Suitable for fumigating thick essential oil, the range of fragrance expansion is very limited, pure plant essential oil fragrance is difficult to expand, only suitable for blending fragrant oil fragrance expansion.


Flameless Aromatherapy Flask

The use of non-fire incense stamen head smoldering plant isopropanol, so that incense stamen head for a long time to maintain a certain temperature for essential oil emission. This kind of aromatherapy apparatus has been introduced for several years, and now the production technology of pistil forehead has been perfected. Because aromatherapy is the highest-grade product in aromatherapy appliances at present, most manufacturers of aromatherapy essential oils on the market will use real plant essential oils and plant isopropanol products, which can be safely used.

Scent- fragrance

Fragrance machine

Principle: Essential oil can be atomized directly without adding water or heating, and its odor is fresh. It can make the odor diffuse to large space in a short time.

Xiangxiang Environmental Fragrance Machine adopts the most advanced two-fluid atomization technology in the world, and uses the principle of high-speed flow of compressed air to make essential oil particles. Then the particles are separated into nano-sized essential oil particles by ion high-speed rotating accelerator, which ensures that there is no aroma residue in the pipeline and the diffusion range is farther.

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