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Why is scent marketing promising?

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Ted Beck boutique is a portrayal of Singapore's urban fashion. Its shops are light and fragrant, and shop assistants often spray perfume into the shop. They think this will deepen the feeling of customers shopping in stores, and the other purpose is promotion.

"People are curious about smells, and when they ask, we have the opportunity to introduce them and sell them," one employee said.

In addition to Ted Baker, some businesses have joined the trend of incense, such as the Raffles Hotel, where all rooms are sprayed with Eucalyptus oil.

Some yoga centers blend lavender, bitter orange leaves, and ylang essential oils into an aromatherapy spray, saying the scent of the blend is more intense and soft.

Cinemas have joined the ranks, with fragrant electronic devices installed in the cinema, and a strong chocolate scent pervading the cinema hall. Cinema marketers say, "This is the way to attract audiences to the cinema.

After watching the movie, the audience was very happy. Many people said that after watching the movie, they were hungry and wanted to eat chocolate.

From a biological point of view, it is reasonable to regard fragrance as a marketing tool.

When people smell the mellow taste of freshly ground coffee, they are impatient to have a cup of coffee. The aroma actually affects people's decision on what to eat.

We can realize that there are various marketing methods, we can achieve different effects in different places through different marketing methods, such as the above chocolate flavor, is not the best time to sell chocolate? For food promotion, flavour is the best choice.

In fact, we have experienced this in life, many roadside vendors are good at using fragrance to attract pedestrians to buy their own food, instant production of food emitted fragrance is intolerable.

Because in the fierce commercial competition, the advertising of products is carried out from two aspects: vision and hearing. But how to use olfactory for commercial promotion is the latest popular advertising method.

Scientific argumentation: Fragrance stimulates memory, memory affects emotion and emotion, shapes emotion, emotion and dominates behavior.

There is no doubt that the fragrant business environment brings good business atmosphere, attracts more consumers, and makes consumers stay longer in the business environment, thus bringing business opportunities is an indisputable fact.

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