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What are the types and functions of essential oils?

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Essential oil is a liquid with a volatile, different scent that is extracted by some special method of plant, root or fruit of one or more plants. Because essential oils have strong volatility and a wide variety, different essential oils have different functions and can be used in a wide range of skin care, body massage and many other aspects, so they are popular and sold all over the world.

What kinds of essential oils are there?


Base oil


Base oil, also known as base oil or blending oil, is a non-volatile oil that is pressed and extracted from the seeds and fruits of various plants. Because pure oil is very irritating, it will cause damage if it is directly rubbed on the skin. Therefore, essential oil must be diluted before use on the skin. The base oil has a high nutritional value and good curative effect, and is mild in nature and easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, it is selected as a medium for diluting essential oils in aromatherapy. Of course, the base oil can also be used alone, as an oil for skin care, and as a base oil for making massage oil. The body has it to produce heat, it is an excellent source of protein. We can use plant base oils to dilute essential oils.


Unilateral essential oil


The unilateral essential oil extracts a single botanical extract from a scented part into a single essential oil. It is not extractable by any plant. It is a plant that must be medicinal. It is usually named after the name of the plant or the name of the plant. It is generally richer. Plant odor.


Compound essential oil


Compound essential oil refers to the formula oil that has been matched well and can be used immediately. After being combined and formulated, it is made into a finished product, which is convenient to use, just like a prescription medicine with a prescription. It is made up of a variety of plant essential oils according to their different characteristics. She is mainly used to improve the potential lesions of the human body. According to the specific symptoms of the human body, with appropriate control of the essential oil and base oil and dosage, a certain combination of compounds can achieve the desired effect.


scent - essential oil

Essential oil effect

Essential oil can promote blood circulation of the human body and improve the internal environment of the human circulatory system; the essential oil smells fragrant, and the natural aroma enters the brain through the olfactory nerve, which can stimulate the anterior lobes of the brain to secrete endogenous morphines and brain morphines to make the spirit Presenting the most comfortable state, this is the best way to protect your heart. Moreover, different essential oils can be combined with each other to formulate the fragrance that they like, without damaging the characteristics of the essential oil, but making the essential oil more powerful.

Essential oils can prevent infectious diseases, fight bacteria, viruses, molds, prevent inflammation, prevent phlegm, promote cell metabolism and cell regeneration, and make life better. And some essential oils can regulate endocrine organs, promote hormone secretion, and make physical and psychological activities of the body, and obtain good development. In addition to the above-mentioned physiotherapy functions, plant essential oils have the positive ability to promote regeneration and activation of cells and physiological tissues, thereby enhancing the body's self-immunity ability to resist the invasion of diseases.

There are many types of essential oils, and they are highly sought after by people. However, we must be clear that essential oils only play an auxiliary role. If the body really has any pathological symptoms, it can't solve the problem with essential oils, or go to the hospital. Ask your doctor to treat the disease in order to avoid delay in treatment and affect your health.

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