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What are the advantages of the fragrance machine and aromatic oil?

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What are the advantages of the fragrance machine and aromatic oil?

Fragrance expander:

1. The key components of durable fragrance expander are imported from Germany, which has stable performance and long service life of 5 years (the service life of other brand fragrance expanders in the industry is mostly 1-2 years, or even less than 1 year).

Oil-saving essential oil consumption, only 1/2-2/3 of other brands;

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Fragrance essential oil:

  1. Fragrant essential oil

      Excellent quality

      Through national laboratory testing and SGS testing, health and environmental protection;

2. The fragrance is elegant, soft and full. The fragrance is pure, round and charming.

Why can fragrance expander save essential oil?

  1. Scenthope has mastered the essential oil atomization technology: by using two-fluid cyclone cold atomization technology and micro-porous cyclone atomization technology, 100% pure essential oil can be directly atomized into nano-particles (particles are fine to 0.5-1 micron), without destroying the molecular chain of essential oil, which can maintain 100% purity and lasting stability of essential oil particles. This technology is ahead of the traditional heating volatilization technology.

2. Scenthope dares to invest in the cost, and imports the key parts from Germany to ensure the performance of the equipment: atomization effect and mute effect.

3. Because it can really atomize into nano-particles, it can not only avoid waste and environmental pollution caused by the large condensation of essential oil particles into liquid leakage, but also save 1/2-1/3 of essential oil consumption compared with other brand fragrance extenders because the same weight of essential oil particles is small, so the diffusion range is wider, and the floating time is longer.

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