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What Kind of Essential Oils for Cold Air Aroma Diffuser

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What Kind of Essential Oils for Cold Air Aroma Diffuser

At present, the aromatherapy essential oil market is in the Red Sea. Many companies engaged in scent marketing business, have essential oils for sale, but the quality of essential oils is uneven, a large part by purchasing inferior aromatherapy essential oils and selling them to consumers at a high price, it is said to be a French imported essential oil. There are also businesses that add thinner to the bottle, and falsification becomes the norm in the industry. Therefore, there are many inferior essential oils in the market, and the price of essential oils varies widely, which could be harmful to people’s health.


Everyone knows the benefits of aromatherapy essential oils. The essential oils commonly used by people are massage essential oils. But do people know that there are professional, commercial, 100% natural essential oils without additives? If people use a professional cold mist aroma diffuser to spread the fragrance of essential oils, you must never use massage essential oils. Otherwise, after the scent is processed by the high-pressure nozzle of the machine, the fragrance will be very light and will not achieve the desired effect.

The use of essential oils varies from place to place. When using essential oils at home, you can choose according to your own favorite, but which brand of aromatherapy essential oil is good? I could tell you that Scenthope essential oils is professional for aroma diffuser machine. It is best to choose essential oil according to the effect you want to achieve, and the machine whether is ultrasonic or cold mist diffusion technology. The living room uses essential oils such as rose and jasmine, which are comfortable and pleasant. Because these two essential oils are moderately scented, most people are very suitable for their fragrance, and the rose and jasmine essential oils have a beauty and soothing tension; If in the bedroom, you can choose lavender, sandalwood because these essential oils have the effects of calming mood, anti-frustration, lowering blood pressure, and treating insomnia; restaurants can consider using some fruit-flavored essential oils, sweet fruit flavors, which can promote appetite; toilets are especially suitable for putting lemon essential oils. Mint essential oil and lemon essential oil can sterilize and invigorate the spirit, peppermint essential oil can eliminate fatigue, these two essential oils can also clean the air and repel mosquitoes, especially in the summer.

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Scenthope Essential Oil

  1. Each essential oil must undergo many practices and allergen testing before it is introduced to the market such as collocation test, the scent durability test, etc.

  2. The formula of each essential oil is carefully formulated by the top perfumer. The particularity of the essential oil determines the essential oil cannot be consistent with the formula of the perfume; the perfume is divided into the top, middle and back, which are different time periods. The fragrance of the essential oil is different, and the essential oil comes out at the same smell in different time, and the same fragrance is divided into the front, middle, and back note at the same time.

  3. Spain imports essential oils, all aromatherapy essential oils do not contain 26 allergens, meet the standards of the IFRA, and comply with the Chinese Fragrance Association standards and EU standards. Our company sends samples of internationally-recognized testing institutions every year to ensure that the essential oils of the fragrances continue to be safe and conscience products, we provide users with quality and safety inspection certificates for essential oils.


Product Name: Essential Oil

Capacity: 500 ml / bottle

Packing: Aluminum Bottle

Applicable Places: hotels, clubs, bars, KTV, resorts, shopping malls, department, auto 4S shops, office, physical stores, sales departments, event sites and other places with aroma diffuser (cold air diffusion system) to spread fragrance to the space.

Shelf Life: Three Years

How to use: Pour/Add directly into the aluminum essential oil bottle of aroma diffuser machine, do not add any water.



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Before bulk order, our company provides a small sample of 10ml essential oil for you to choose. After purchase, you will still receive other fragrance of essential oils 10ml*2 samples together with your order, which will be randomly selected. We are endeavoring to help you choose more satisfactory fragrance.

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