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What Is Scenthope Aroma Expected To Bring For The Space?

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What Is Scenthope Aroma Expected To Bring For The Space?



Olfactory Beauty

Scenthope aroma creates another kind of beauty. I t’s a unique,real experience from the soul of your brand. Visual impact is not strong enough to convey the vividness, while the fragrance of brand endows it with animation. This is also the soul of fragrance marketing.

High-end Taste

Since ancient times, fragrance has been the symbol of high end, elegance and luxury. Scenthope aroma brings you not only delicacy, elaboration and difference. It is a incomparable taste and a confidence in your brand.

Endless Imagination

Different scent will attract different people, male prefer new cars, mud, grass, pine, wood, apple flavor. And female like plant fragrance, vanilla, lavender, musk, candy. From the age of 18 to 35, people like the smell of bubble gum, coffee, milk and men's cologne perfume; from 36 to 50 years old, bleach, sunscreen, crayons and play-doh. People who over 50 years old like grass, sandalwood, tea, ocean, snow and wood.

Deep Impression

“Remember me” is what Scenthope Aroma trying to establish to prove its existence: to imprint each kind of scent deeply into customer’s memory and make it hard to forget. Smell is the best memory of human being. Good smell takes a lifetime to forget. That is what we need.

Customer Loyalty

Scenthope Aroma creates all kinds of lingering scents to meet the needs of different brands, just as babies craving for nipple. Expect more loyalties from customers who are under your extreme care.

Love & Care

Scenthope Aroma flavorist puts all inspiration in designing aroma, while the inspiration comes from love for perfume,life and customer. Love is carried back and forth. All channels of marketing are love. Fragrance will make customer feel loved and valued.

Sense of Cleanness

The fragrance natural ingredients of Scenthope Aroma removes unpleasant odor and brings the fragrance of pure and nature. Such smell makes people feel comfortable.

Your space is as fresh as just cleaned.


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