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The unique aroma of Shangri-La Hotel

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The unique aroma of Shangri-La Hotel

Everyone who has visited the Shangri-La Hotel knows. Not yet entering the hotel lobby, you will smell the unique scent of Shangri-La Hotel. All Shangri-La hotels all over the world have this unique fragrance.


When you step into the Shangri-La hotel lobby, this scent is impressive. Originally, the Shangri-La Hotel is truly a famous "scent". In the spacious lobby lounge, the band plays relaxed and pleasant tracks, and the soft lights are sprinkled from the unique chandeliers of San Francisco. Sitting on a soft sofa, I feel really comfortable. The guest whispered, the air was aroma, and the music was flowing. The Shangri-La Hotel has captured the hearts of the guests in terms of smell, sight, hearing and feeling.


Scenthope writer can tell you that the scent of Shangri-La Hotel is a unique aroma (scented essential oil) that is distributed through the central air-conditioning to all corners of the hotel. This scent allows guests to remember the Shangri-La hotel and remember the good times there.

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