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The magical role of fragrance: promoting re-marketing and marketing communication

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We know that olfactory memory is more reliable than visual memory or hearing. After making a consumer choice, the consumer will make a positive or negative evaluation of the consumption according to the results of their own consumption for a period of time. The memory of the sense of smell can have a great impact on the evaluation.


Women usually have strong ability to express, infect and spread, and are good at influencing other consumers around them through persuasion, advice, and communication. Female consumers will use the experience of purchasing products and the service experience they receive as a daily topic to preach to others to prove that they have chosen the right one. In turn, women's shopping decisions are also more susceptible to the experience of other consumers.


Men's consumption is more pragmatic than women. One of the main differences between male personality and women is that they are more rational and confident. They are good at controlling their emotions, and they can calmly weigh all kinds of pros and cons when dealing with problems, and they can think about the big picture. Some men regard themselves as the embodiment of ability and strength, with strong independence and self-respect. These personality traits also directly affect their psychological activities during the purchase process.


Therefore, we use a fragrance in the male consumption environment to influence male emotions, and then create a world dominated by men through environment, guidance and publicity. In this world, customers feel very MAN, brave, handsome, and mighty. Always reveal confidence and control. So I will buy it, and after the purchase, I will be happy to share it in the circle and become a loyal consumer.


Therefore, a good fragrance environment can enable consumers to form a virtuous cycle of smelling and smelling – smelling and smelling – smelling and recalling – smelling again, thus promoting re-marketing and marketing communication.

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