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The hotel uses scent to help guests sleep and improve hotel occupancy

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The hotel uses scent to help guests sleep and improve hotel occupancy

It is said that 80% of people's interactive information relies on vision, but WYSIWYG, Memory does not retain much longer than the impression left by the smell. You may forget what your hotel looks like, but you will never forget the unique smell of the hotel. Because in the pursuit of personality today, staying at the hotel is not just for the night, but more for the enjoyment of life. A good hotel, whether it is service or supporting facilities, can bring you an honorable experience. Such is the existence of Wenstin hotel.


The Westin Hotel of Guangzhou Canton Fair is jointly built by China Foreign Trade Center (Group) and Starwood Hotel and Resort International Group. It is located in the center of the exhibition hall of Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, which is well-known all over the world. It is situated in the famous Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center and many world-renowned cultural attractions. 

The Westin Hotel in Canton Fair uses a fragrance that blends the scent of geranium and freesia. the delicate aroma of white tea surrounds the softness of jasmine, bring a clear and refreshing breath to the space. The fragrance of light tea is pervasive everywhere, giving the guests a strong sense of smell and experience enjoyment. This calming and relaxing fragrance, combined with the globally unified lighting and background music in the Westin Hotel, allows high-end business travelers to work in their familiar space and atmosphere, pervading the fragrance of light tea, lingering around the nose, giving them a strong sense of smell and enjoyment.



The magical power of the hotel fragrance lies in that the moment you enter the hotel door, you will feel the wonderful experience of sensory awakening and spiritual stimulation, leaving an unforgettable first impression. Take advantage of the refreshing aroma, the elegant lighting, the soothing music and the seasonal green plants, so that you can wake up as soon as you enter the lobby. IAA international fragrance for the Canton Fair Westin Hotel white tea fragrance, soft and warm, as if a touch of spring tea sweet, let the customers into the hotel can not help but touch the invisible temptation.

At present, various brands of the same brand of different brands in the international hotel are imitating each other in hotel design, hotel standards, hotel supplies, hotel services and marketing means, and the hotel brand content and hotel cultural value gradually converge. Like the Westin Hotel in Canton Fair, hotels should also have their own unique personality, which is an important part of the hotel brand development strategy, but also the core requirements for the continuous shaping and development of hotel culture.


The fragrance of the hotel can help the hotel to win more. The difference in the taste of the hotel is introduced into the image recognition system of the hotel brand. According to the positioning of the hotel's own brand, choosing the right fragrance can enhance the comfort and satisfaction of the guests. Essential oil volatilization improves the hotel's space environment and makes the hotel guests feel healthy. So that the hotel guests subconsciously remember the fragrance, and get used to smelling the fragrance and recalling the experience of staying in the hotel. Of course, the choice of flavor is the best proof of the style, image and culture of the hotel brand.

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