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The fragrance service is quietly rising: Are you out?

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The fragrance service is quietly rising: Are you out?


To quote Allen, a marketing professor at Georgia State University, "All of our senses are reactions after thinking, only smells, and the brain is reactions before thinking."


In the West, there is often the saying: "The mouth will lie, the eyes will be ignored, but the nose knows. The memory of human sense of smell is not only an experience, but also a magical key. The odor of our past acquaintance often leads to recall. The scenes hidden in the depths of the past time are read again and again, knowing the present and remembering the past.


More and more businesses believe that smells can affect consumers' shopping behavior. If we find a suitable fragrance, the effect will be incalculable. Therefore, some businesses make ordinary products into various fragrance types, some use incense as a promotional means, and a new industry providing incense service has been born.


The quietly growing aroma service industry is not only limited to the hotel lobby, but has been extended to shopping malls, airport halls, office halls, beauty salons, real estate sales offices, auto 4S shops, KTV, entertainment centers; People have gradually appeared in a wide range of markets in clothing stores, specialty stores, and cafes. With the surge of social trends, the field of fragrance involvement will become more and more extensive.


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