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The carrier of scent marketing - hotel fragrance

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Do you know that personality can be represented by smell? A woman or a man chooses their scent, and a person will always have a favorite scent at any time of the day. The smell is not only the smell that is worn when going out, it is also an extension of personal character.


Fragrance is a powerful trigger for emotions and memories in all our senses. 75% of the emotions we produce every day are affected by the sense of smell. In the retail environment, 40% of customers spend more time in a pleasant environment. So, which hotel fragrances are a popular scent, who do they represent, and where do they use them to serve the business?

 scent - flower

Type: Flower

        Personality: a center of playful yet sweet, romantic, flirtatious and attractive

         Remarks: Rose, Peony, Jasmine, Freesia

         Odour selection: green tea

         Location: Luxury Hotel


Type: Fresh

         Personality: fun, sports, energetic, outgoing and refreshing

         Remarks: citrus, green, watery, lemony, hearty, rich, orange or grape fruit

         Fragrance selection: pomegranate

         Location: Sports Gym


Type: Woody

        Personality: sexy, modern, warm and comfortable, affectionate

        Remarks: Cedar, Oak, Bergamot, Sandalwood

        Odour selection: optimistic

        Location: high-end retail


Type: Oriental

        Personality: exquisite, refined, warm, sensual

        Remarks: mild spices, cinnamon and nutmeg with soft musk

        Smell selection: lemon citronella ginger

        Location: Leisure venues and clubs

The "masculine" type of scent is usually associated with rich notes such as sandalwood and spices. These features are often associated with a bolder and stronger personality. In a business environment like a luxury car showroom, the brand image is power and performance, and these notes may appear.


For sweet fruit lovers, these individuals are often fun, fun, sweet and sociable, and the children's central environment, such as the kindergarten house, can help enhance the fun aura of the kids!

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