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The amazing power of scent in brand marketing - scent marketing

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The power of smell

Nothing is more memorable than the smell. A smell is short-lived and fleeting, but the summer smell of childhood formed by the lake in the mountains is eternal” – Diane Ackerman


Smell has direct and eye-catching effects because they are directly related to the limbic system, which is part of the brain responsible for our memories and emotions. Therefore, the scent transcends our rational perception and has a great impact on our emotions.



Aroma marketing definition

Fragrance marketing, olfactory marketing or scent marketing includes the release of a pleasant fragrance, aroma, fragrance or aroma that not only makes the space smell fresh, but also aims to improve the customer experience, increase sales, encourage customer loyalty and stay time and enhance the brand Reputation.


For a brand, you need to consider some very important factors when choosing your own Scenthope, and start with the design of the brand's olfactory logo. The scent type should conform to the company's values, color scheme, etc., and instruct it to attract its specific target market.


After repeated exposure to the brand's olfactory logo, the fragrance will be closely related to the brand. Once you smell its elegant and fresh aroma, people will know that they are entering a particular business location. In addition, because the scent is associated with the memory part of our brain, if the business site has an odor, they remember the brand longer than the sensory experience.


Scenthope  is committed to helping brands use fragrances to achieve their business goals. Contact us to help with your fragrance marketing program.

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