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The Differences of These Three Kinds of Aroma Diffuser

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The Differences of Three Kind of Aroma Diffusers

With the large adoption of aroma diffuser machine, especially the high-end business as the largest customer group of scent marketing, accounting for more than 70% of the sales of aroma machine, others like KTV, sales offices, shopping malls, 4S stores, offices also pay more attention to scent marketing than ever, which also promotes the development of the aroma diffuser industry.


At present, there are various aroma machines on the market. According to the installation of fragrance equipment, it can be divided into: central air conditioning aroma diffusion system, upright aroma machine, wall-mounted aroma machine. Customers can choose different aroma devices according to the environment and the desirable effect. Today, scenthope company would like to introduce you the advantages of these kinds of aroma diffusion machines:


1. Central air-conditioning aroma diffusion system. This fragrance machine is mainly suitable for large-area space, such as star-rated hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. By grafting the central air conditioner or the new air system, the diffusion machine is connected with the air-conditioningand the wind transfers the atomized aroma essential oil to various areas through the air-conditioning duct. This equipment must require central air conditioning to operate all seasons, because once the central air conditioner is turned off, the fragrance cannot be emitted. The advantage of HVAC aroma diffusion system is that it can spread the fragrance over a large area and the fragrance is more uniform.

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2. Upright aroma diffuser. This fragrance device is mainly suitable for the installation place of aroma diffusion systems without central air conditioning, and the coverage area is rather small. Separately upright aroma diffusers have certain requirements in the choice of placement, for instance, good air flow helps the fragrance to spread in order to achieve a uniform fragrance effect. It is better not to choose to be in the corner or in a small space in case the coverage fail to spread widely.

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3. Wall-mounted aroma machine, the appearance of this kind of machine is similar to the automatic aerosol dispenser, suitable for some places where have large amount of people, the independent placement of fragrance could be touched by children or accidently inhale, which cannot guarantee safety and normal use. Choosing a wall-mounted aroma machine is perfect for those stores or shops without HVAC system for there is no fear of human damage and loss.


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