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Such A Little-known Secret Is Hidden Behind These Successful Business Empire

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Such A Little-known Secret Is Hidden Behind These Successful Business Empire

Why is the cinema always filled with the smell of popcorn? Why do many large supermarkets always give off the tempting bread as well as the accompanying taste when making popcorn and bread?  Can all these aroma really fill the entire cinema and supermarket, or businesses make it deliberately?

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Dazzling windows, multiple colors, special signs,these visual languages have always been a tool for marketing. Whenever there is a intelligent device in the hands of everyone, the era of small screens that people are not willing to look up is coming. The power of vision gradually declines. About 89% of the advertising has been ignored by consumers, and it is becoming more and more challenging to remember from the visual.

The use of odors has been noticed by more and more brands. People can look down on the phone and plug their ears with headphones, but it's hard to breathe without the nose. Smell is the only sense that we can't close, and the most sense of space. The olfactory organ is not only the first sensory organ of human beings, but also the earliest formed organ. Its relationship with the brain is more intimate than we think. Smell can often be the most accurate path to our memory.


Martin Lindström, the author of Sensory Brands, conducted a public survey asking consumers about the impression of Starbucks. The machine sound and milk aroma of ground coffee beans were the two most common answers.


Many years ago, Schultz was fascinated by the atmosphere of an Italian café while traveling in Milan, and this unique smell is what impressed him the most. Later, he pushed the café culture to the world and built Starbucks into a “third space” outside of home and space. Now, the aroma of coffee behind the Starbucks glass door has become a sensory experience that many people can evoke with the mermaid logo alone. Of course, some people don't like to drink coffee because of cultural differences, but the smell of coffee is not rejected.

The use of scent to evoke appetite and promote business has been in the catering industry for a long time. But the value of scent marketing is not limited to the catering industry.


Is it this smell? Really?

The first time people smell an odor, the corresponding scene will be stored in brain. In turn, it means that the sense of smell and human memory can be directed. In many people's impressions, the new car always has a special smell - similar to the smell of leather, this special "new car flavor" can also stimulate the consumer's desire to spend money. But in fact, this taste is not the natural smell of the leather inside the car, but the car companies make good use of this aroma to attract customers and eventually close the deal. Workers spray special perfume or atomized essential oil in the car before the new car leaves the factory.

Mitsubishi Motors' advertising company once implanted this “new car flavor” in two mainstream Japanese newspapers. When this odor repeatedly stimulates the consumer's sense of smell, it has become the mindset of the new car.

To provide different service experiences with aromatherapy

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In the case of limited service, odor is a breakthrough that cannot be ignored.

Passengers who have been to Singapore Airlines will always have a special aroma on the plane. This scent comes from the flight attendant, from the seat, from the blanket, which is the cabin filled with a perfume called StefanFloridian Waters. As a matter of fact, as early as more than 30 years ago, Singapore Airlines has began spraying the special perfume in the hot towel provided on board.

A pleasant and comfortable environment with aroma

Scent is also an indispensable way of distinguishing the environment. What do we think of when we mention a high-end hotel? Gorgeous and artistic decorations? Soft carpet? Bright marble? In fact, it is a special environment in which various scenarios are combined. After entering the hotel, the environment gives people a feeling of luxury. One of the high-end feelings is the distinctive hotel lobby aroma by the hotel's aroma diffusers connected to the air-conditioning ventilation system.

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Sometimes, in order to cater to the local culture, even the different branches of the same hotel will have different fragrances due to environmental problems. For example, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel has adopted a method of different aroma to distinguish different branches in various regions. Like the aroma fragrance of Tokyo Ritz is chocolate, because the hotel color is darker,while the fragrance of Guangzhou Ritz is black orchid, Beijing Ritz is green tea, Tianjin Ritz is the rose, Shanghai Ritz is the rose...

Five senses have the strongest productivity

The treatment of the world by human beings is symbolic. We perceive the world through the five senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing, acquire all kinds of information, and then use the brain to compress this information into one symbol after another. The brand is the symbol system that we artificially construct, and it is the result of people's compression of the brand.

The retention of people's memory is the instantaneous fusion of the five senses. Our cognition is logical and structured, but our memory is fragmented. When memory is awakened, instant emotions become an important basis for us to judge a thing.

If the brand is reversed and the brand is directly equated with the symbol, it will ignore the retention of the five senses behind the brand in memory and fall into a self-talking marketing trap. Therefore, there is a set of experience scenes to build, and then there is retention of brand memory.


Now let's back to the scent marketing mentioned at the article, The future business strategy of various industries will undoubtedly transformed people's consumer experience from spending money into a perception of the entire comfortable and professional service. When people are in their environment, the smell of the indoor environment, the color of light, and the the people around you form a strong five-sense impact, which will leave an indelible mark on people's memories.

Why is the world becoming more and more "experienced"? Because people's demand for a good experience is infinite. Scenthope has been the leader of scent marketing, focusing on providing customers professional scent solution as part of their overall branding strategy. There are different types of commercial aroma diffuser special for you. All of them can be connected with HVAC system,which makes the essential oil smell natural and pure,staying long-lasting fragrance. 

The commercial aroma diffuser series is a type of cutting-edge and commercial high-end diffuser developed by Guangzhou Scenthope Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. The product adopts the international leading cold air aroma technology, and can directly atomizes the essential oil at room temperature, eliminating the drawbacks of using the heated fragrance lamp. The intelligent aroma diffuser does not use any auxiliary materials such as water or candles. It does not require special maintenance. Digital program control system is the more effective than traditional fragrance machine, it only needs to set the length of the incense, the concentration and frequency in a one-time program. All functions can all be automatically controlled by the system without manual operation, including switch and adjustable concentration, the fragrance area of the essential oil, etc.

DR-01F Aroma Diffuser has a built-in fan which helps to diffuse fragrance more than 3000m3. Using the latest patent atomization technology with microcomputer automatically control,it can be set different scenting times, adjusted fragrance concentration.

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DR-02 Aroma Diffuser is made of aluminum alloy, equipping with a single imported nozzle, its fragrance coverage up to 3000~4000m3. The R&D team adopted the concept of safety design, atomizing the essential oil at room temperature, the atomization level reaches nano level, and the atomized particles are fine, so that the fragrance of the essential oil can be maximized. Widely used in hotels, clubs, high-end residential centers, retail and other places that needs to fresh air, the main target of consumption is the middle and upper income class.

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Are you still complaining about the surrounding air environment? Still guilty of the hotel's unpleasant air conditioning smell? Are you still blowing strange air in public? Still feeling scared about the hospital's rich disinfectant taste? Please offer us an opportunity, allow us to create a comfortable environment for you.

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