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Smell Marketing: Encouraging your Curiosity with Fragrance

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Smell Marketing: Encouraging your Curiosity with Fragrance

Today is an era of over-production and advertising explosion. When many businessmen emphasize visual performance, smart businessmen take the lead to develop human taste, smell and other human senses and use them in marketing. This is a subversion of traditional marketing.

Odors can affect mood, and innovators take a new path to integrate distinctive and odorous scent into the retail atmosphere, product design or sensory experience, such as the wake up service provided by the odorous alarm clock, the Singapore Airlines, the car brand's "perfume on the hot towel", the leather perfume, and the application of perfume through daily technology.

Olfactory marketing

Studies have shown that among all human senses, olfaction is the most sensitive and closely related to memory and emotion. Taste and smell affect people's mood and memory. Taste is like a gentle hand, touching the heartstrings of consumers, letting consumers experience the freshness, attractive cuisine and relaxation of nature. Naturally, it has an impact on their purchasing behavior. The winning way of odor marketing is to "seduce people with flavor". Integrating the sense of smell into the retail space can bring consumers sensory shopping experience.


In order to echo the luxurious and warm features of the automobile itself in the exhibition hall, the automobile brand Lincoln Motor Company, through the ventilation system of the exhibition hall, mixes the scents of green tea, coumarin and jasmine into the air of the exhibition hall, enables consumers to perceive the brand culture through the scent, and emphasizes the importance of smell in the multi-sensory experience.

Illuminum, a perfume company in the UK, uses a quiet way of selling, showing a neutral color background, eliminating any color and brand identities, making perfume and smell the most important core of the shop. This project is called Colour as a Narrative, and irregular artificial glass containers hang from the ceiling with an odor cork. The idea is to abandon the inherent knowledge of images, names and materials, to achieve a more intuitive sense of smell experience, and to hope that consumers will follow their own feelings and intuitions to choose their favorite fragrances.

Fragrance products


Sensor Wake is the first olfactory alarm clock in the world. It wakes up consumers mainly by releasing stimulating aroma. The alarm clock has many kinds of scent capsules, including espresso and hot croissant bread, peach, strawberry candy, seaside and vanilla. It can get rid of the direct stimulating experience and pressure brought by sound and light and wake up by odor stimulation. The way is softer and more comfortable.

ODE machine for dementia patients and people with Alzheimer's disease emits a variety of food odors throughout the day to remind patients to eat, while this simple device can also help restore appetite, solve some dietary problems and weight loss problems.

Fragrance Enhances Life

In nature, fragrance is the special language of plants, the way of perceiving the world, revealing one's mind, and the wisdom of communication. IAA International Fragrance Essential Oil, like the surprise that nature brings to people full of vitality, awakens the beautiful memory that has been deposited in the deep heart for a long time: the pursuit of beauty, the release of life and the longing for the future. When the strong fragrance permeates the whole space and these feelings are fully released from the dust, we know more about how to be willing, accepting, forgiving and grateful.

The most advanced two-fluid atomization technology in the world is used to send fragrance to Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou Metro, Wanda Group and Dihao Hotel to create an elegant and comfortable olfactory environment, aiming at creating a natural combination of fashion life and brand characteristics and showing warmth in dignity.

Guangzhou Xiangyuan environmental protection technology to solve the smell of space at the same time, but also constantly improve the quality of life. It keeps up with the fashion trend, keeps pace with the times, experiences our surroundings in a brand new way, makes people always pay attention to their own living conditions, and presents urban life in a unique way. In order to meet the market demand, IAA will launch a series of aromatherapy products, including desktop aromatherapy, aromatherapy humidifier and electronic odor diffuser. Because of love, so only focus on doing the best.

Summary: There are two kinds of olfactory marketing. One is the need to build an image for the brand. This odor mostly needs to be unique and representative, which is more common in high-end brands. The other is to make breakthroughs in marketing with odor creativity. This kind of olfactory marketing mode emphasizes the interaction with consumers, as well as the curiosity and willingness of consumers to try, or to bring freshness to people's daily life. When businessmen begin to realize that odor can also become a representative and unique symbol, or allow consumers to have natural associations, in fact, this unique odor has become part of the brand image.


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