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Six Common Use Methods of Aromatherapy Essential Oil

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Six Common Use Methods of Aromatherapy Essential Oil

Essential oil aromatherapy is mainly divided into six methods: candle aromatherapy furnace, bulb aromatherapy furnace, USB aromatherapy expander, rattan aromatherapy, essential oil aromatherapy expander, essential oil atomization expander and so on. Each usage has its own advantages. Choosing the right one is the most important. Efficiency and Function of Essential Oil: Fragrance diffusion to the indoor can purify the air, regulate mood, anti-bacterial and antiviral, mosquito repellent and other effects.

1. Candle Aromatherapy Furnace

Pour a third of the water into the container, drop 1 to 3 drops of essential oil, light the candle below and put it in the oven. First of all, we need to keep the room ventilated, so that air can flow in order to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. When using at home, we must pay attention to the use of aromatherapy stove next to do not put some easily ignited items, there is the possibility of fire, high temperature can not immediately add water, easy to cause container bursting;


When using, don't touch the porcelain with your hands, it is easy to burn. The longer the burning time is, the more 20 minutes to 40 minutes, and the less time it takes, the stronger the aroma of the room will be if the burning time is too long. On the contrary, it will be counterproductive.

2. Lamp Aromatherapy Furnace

Pour a third of the water into the container, drop 1 to 3 drops of essential oil, and plug in electricity to use. The bulb aromatherapy stove has high safety, so you don't need to worry about the fire caused by the open fire. It can also be used as illumination, one thing for two purposes. Aromatherapy lamps use warm halogen lamps, some of the electricity is converted to heat energy, so it is more energy-efficient than energy-saving lamps, commonly used halogen lamps 20-35 watts.

Because the lamp is usually not used for a long time, it does not consume much electricity. The top of the fragrance lamp is water to dilute essential oils, because essential oils are concentrated and are not easily volatile. After dilution and heating, the volatilization effect is better. When the water is boiled dry, it can not be added immediately at high temperature, which can easily cause the container to burst. Users must pay attention to it. The bulb aromatherapy furnace is suitable for large-scale fragrance expansion.

3. USB Flavor Expander

The constant temperature of USB fragrance expander is not high, so it doesn't matter to plug in all night. Smooth ceramic surface, add water or direct drops of essential oil can be expanded, condensate, ointment can also be expanded. Alcohol can easily erase the remaining essential oils at regular intervals, which is very commendable. But the range of fragrance enlargement is very general, and the big room is not enough. It is suggested that USB fragrance expander should be used in a small scale, and the fragrance lamp should be used in a large scale for environmental protection and safety.

4. Cane aroma

Open the bottle stopper, dip one end of the rattan into the aromatherapy liquid, then remove the rattan after it is wet, and put the other end into the bottle.

If it is used in small space, insert a small number of rattan sticks, that is, use in large space to increase the number of rattan sticks. When the aromatherapy is used up, it can be supplemented, and the rattan can be continued to use, recycling is quite environmentally friendly.


5. Essential Oil Flavor Expander

Flavor expander does not destroy the molecular structure of essential oil, so it retains the activity of essential oil perfectly and achieves the best effect. The fragrance expander adopts a practical air-conditioning system, which can efficiently diffuse essential oils in the form of microparticles.

Unlike ordinary heating, cold-type aroma expander can keep the purity of essential oil aroma in the process of diffusion, avoid all artificial factors to change the odor, and will never change or weaken the aroma and curative effect of essential oil. Like the fragrance of flowers, leaves and fruits blown naturally by the breeze. Continuous aromatherapy with this breeze can change the atmosphere of the whole room and make people feel relaxed and relaxed.

6. Essential oil atomization fragrance expander

The fragrance expander does not need water, so it does not have the function of humidifying and moisturizing. Its working principle is to atomize essential oil into air by compressed air of air pump. Because of the mechanical working principle, the equipment has certain noise, which is controlled within the standard range and does not affect the working and using environment.

The function of fragrance expander is to directly atomize aromatic essential oil to improve the air quality and fragrance of space environment. Mainly used in commercial space, such as hotel lobby, club, bank, office lobby, exhibition hall, 4S shop and so on.

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