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Six Common Aromatic Plants in Public Places

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We often see some aromatic green plants in public places. They are collectively called aromatic plants in the industry. The aromas they emit have antimicrobial and antioxidant effects. It can purify air effectively. So which plants belong to aromatic plants? Hotel Jiaxiang is willing to count for you:

  1. Lavender: It is a kind of plant with light blue florets and strong fragrance. The fragrance emitted can make you feel peaceful, clean your body and mind, have the effects of insecticide, antimicrobial, nerve relaxation and memory enhancement.


2. Basil: It is a plant with white or pink flowers and oval leaves. It is often used as spice vegetables in Taiwan.

3.Thyme: It is a plant with purple or pink flowers and oval leaves. Its rhizomes and leaves have fragrance, and leaves can also be used as condiments.

4. Rosemary: It is a kind of plant with pale blue flowers and strong fragrance. The leaves emit the fragrance of pine trees.

5. Vanilla: It is a plant with white flowers. When it is mature, it is dried in the room. The fragrance can last for a long time without dissipating.


6. Mint: It is also called a light blue joke with vanilla, which can emit a cool fragrance. Leaves can be used as spices for refreshing drinks. It has the function of convergence and sterilization.

The above 6 plants are widely used in the market. There are many planting forms of spice plants, which can be potted, and other ways. They can play the role of greening, fragrant flowers, and have many unexpected effects.

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