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Selection of hotel perfumery machine space fragrance knowledge

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Selection of hotel perfumery machine space fragrance knowledge

The hotel lobby is fragrant, recommended to use the aroma of white tea, after all, it is relatively fresh, and its taste can make people feel very relaxed. It is more suitable for the use of the hotel lobby, especially the lobby space of the hotel office building with more business people. If you want to create a warm and romantic environment, you can use lavender or black roses. The taste of lavender is warmer. If the rose is a bit thick, some people may not be used to it. There are also some use of rosemary, but rosemary has a sleep aid effect, or use it in a hotel room.


With the continuous improvement of modern people's living standards, the pursuit and taste of their own lives are also constantly improving. Gao Bige's decorative party should not be limited to visual enjoyment and impact, but should make the five senses pleasant, visual, auditory, taste, touch, smell all-round three-dimensional layout. Especially important is the fragrance dispersed in public places. The same is true in shopping malls, car shows, hotels and famous stores. The comfortable fragrance of floating space makes people feel better and gives people the impression of being smart and fresh. This is especially true in the lobby space, after all, where we live for a long time. As the saying goes, home is a warm harbor, and the mood of the environment may affect your working status and efficiency of the day. In fact, different rooms have corresponding fragrance. However, when we use aroma in our daily life, we rely more on our own preferences and so-called efficacy, such as the light use of ocean breeze, the use of lemon flavor in toilets to taste, or the use of lavender in bedrooms to help sleep. There is nothing wrong with this. However, the fragrance of fragrances at home is the same as the perfume on the body. Different rooms should have the most appropriate fragrance. Only in this way can the fragrant space atmosphere be better and more perfect.

Modern people's crowded and hurried pace of life often makes people breathless. How long has it been since we took a deep breath of fresh and natural air? A comfortable and quiet space is the environment we absolutely need when we relax after work and during holidays. The hotel lobby fragrance enlargement changes the environment and space atmosphere, making good use of indoor fragrance to refresh the sense of smell. Either way or product, the use of hotel lobby fragrance expander fragrance products has begun to become the current trend. For indoor fragrance applicable space, from the previous concept that fragrance is blindly covered out, each home has a different taste, living room, bedroom, bathroom and even porch and other different spaces, using different fragrance to decorate the space, bring different flavors.
Generally, it is not recommended to use different fragrances in the same space. In a small space, the use of two or more fragrances will produce the phenomenon of cross-flavor, strange combination of fragrances may be missing the original positive role of fragrance. So it is recommended to avoid using different fragrances in the same space.


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