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Scent marketing: What are brands looking for?

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Did you know personalities can be represented by scents? A woman or a man chooses their scent by choice and one will always has a favourite scent he or she would wear at any time of the day. A scent is more than just a scent to wear when out. It is a fragrance that represents a part of a person in an unspoken manner. It is an extension of the person’s personality.

While cosmetic fragrances have long been in the beauty and makeup market, through the sense of smell, businesses have entered into an era of service and experience with a rising need and demand to enhance brand image. Through scent marketing, various brands in hotel, retail, recreational, food and beverages, or even car showrooms are looking to add a dimension to their brand and engage their guests and users in the environment positively.

Scenting is a powerful trigger of emotions and memories amongst all our senses. 75% of the emotions we generate daily are affected by smell. In a retail environment, 40% of customers stay longer in a pleasantly scented environment. So what are some of the popular scents, who do they represent and where can we use them for your business?

Scent markting brand

Type: Floral

Personality: Playful yet sweet, romantic, flirtatious and center of attractionNotes: Rose, peonies, jasmine, freesia

Scent Choice: Green Tea

Location: Luxurious hotel

Type: Fresh

Personality: Fun loving, sporty, energetic, outgoing and refreshing

Notes: Citrus, green, watery, lemony, zesty, tangy, mandarin or grape fruit

Scent Choice: Pomegranate

Location: Sports gym

Scent fresh

Type: Woody

Personality: Sensual, modern, warm and comfort, affectionate

Notes: Cedar, oak, bergamot, sandalwood

Scent Choice: Optimism

Location: Premium retail

Type: Oriental

Personality: Exquisite, sophisticated, warm, sensual

Notes: Warm spice, cinnamon and nutmeg with soft musk blend

Scent Choice: Lemongrass ginger

Location: Recreation and leisure clubs

Some scents are known to be more “masculine” and are usually related to rich notes such as sandalwood and spice. These characteristics are commonly connected with a more bold and strong personality. Business environment such as luxurious car showroom, whose brand persona is power and performance, might go for these notes.

Tea notes, which exude soft, calming, relax and peaceful emotion are a perfect fit for environment who seeks a soothing and pleasant atmosphere, and could be the scent choice to uplift your environment with that subtle yet lifestyle centric ambiance.

For sweet fruity lovers, these individual tend to be fun, playful, sweet and sociable Perhaps, kids’ centric environment such as playschool house can help elevate the fun aura among the kids!

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