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Scent Marketing, the magic of aromatherapy

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The magic of aromatherapy - therapeutic use


Aromatherapy essential oils also have a variety of therapeutic uses, which accelerate cell metabolism, strengthen the immune system, and eliminate endotoxin. The aromatherapy liquid is fine and active, so it can penetrate deep into the dermis and transport oxygen, water and nutrients to the cells through the blood. Its penetration is not comparable to other skin care products. Because aromatherapy essential oils are 100% natural products, they are more skin-friendly than artificially made chemical aromas.



Five major functions:

1. The function of the ozone machine;

2. The function of the air purifier;

3. The function of the oxygen manufacturing machine;

4. The function of the dust mitigation machine;

5. The function of plant essential oils.


Nine benefits:

1. Purify air (anion + ozone = natural air cleaner)

2. Improve environmental sanitation (decompose formaldehyde and benzene left over from new cars, new houses, and new furniture manufacturing processes)

3. Enhance immunity (immune system promotion - third medicine)

4. Increase lung capacity (deep breathing + more oxygen)

5. Help the respiratory tract to improve nasal sensitivity and asthma (plant essential oil + ozone + fendojing)

6. Repel mosquitoes, sterilize, remove mites

7. Decompose second-hand smoke and eradicate odor source (ozone)

8. Endocrine management, emotional management, appease irritability, relieve stress

9. Accelerate cell metabolism, stimulate cell activity and increase skin radiance

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