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Olfactory recognition - aroma marketing

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Sensory contact becomes the strongest feeling, we can use sensory marketing to establish a brand. Enhance the customer's sensory experience by distributing a unique fragrance in the public area. And to integrate this unique fragrance into the brand, to establish an intuitive and effective marketing with the nose, is the so-called "smell recognition", let the customer's nose experience a unique feeling, subtle The land creates a memory that allows customers to think of a certain brand regardless of where they go. This is the role of aroma system marketing.


Whether it is a hotel, a high-level clubhouse or KTV to impress customers, a comfortable environment, luxurious decoration and high level of service is indispensable, but now among the more subtle factors, the fragrance is more noticeable. It will give a clear impression to the guests.

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Scenthope serves as a service provider for the marketing and execution of Greater China's fragrance marketing! The service covers public places such as hotels, auto 4S shops, shopping malls, bars, brand clothing stores, office space and fragrance. And through the fragrance instrument (flavoring machine or diffuser) perfume system to create a unique brand smell label for the enterprise!


The fragrance meter (fragrance machine) is the unique charm of the fragrance, which extends the communication from the sense of sight to the sense of smell to a deeper level. Use the fragrance to optimize the environment, so that people can fully feel the warmth of intimacy.


The Scenthope fragrance instrument (fragrance machine) uses two-fluid atomization technology to make the essential oil change particles by using the high-speed flow of compressed air, and then use the ion high-speed rotary accelerator to separate the particles into nano-sized essential oil particles and emit it in the surrounding air. Among them, the air is filled with various fragrances.

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