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New Car Smell with Car Aroma Diffuser

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New Car Smell with Car Aroma Diffuser

You’re likely familiar with that exciting experience of shopping for a new car. While the process can become draining and stressful, there’s a deep sense of relief and satisfaction felt when you sit in your new car for the first time and smell the satisfying “new car smell".


What exactly is this “new car smell" that we are all so familiar with? According to automakers, this aroma is essentially a mixture of volatile organic compounds such as rubber, plastic, leather and other chemicals that are used to assemble a car. These compounds release molecules into the air when they reach a certain boiling point, thus creating its aroma. What would be a new car without that new car smell? Automakers respect the customers’ desire to have that new car smell in their vehicle, so it is crafted and balanced to have an effect in the beginning of a purchase.


According to experts, data shows that unfortunately 90% of the new car smell dissipates after a month. People find the aroma of a new car so alluring that they often seek to mimic this smell even when the car is not new, or when the new-car smell begins to dissipate. Car makers are now trying to manipulate the new car smell, so that is it no longer just a nostalgic feeling that you once remembered.

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Scenthope is doing just this by partnering with car dealerships to create their own signature scents to incorporate in their car showrooms, car shows, or cars themselves. Can it achieve the best performance though aroma products? Yes. It's very simple. There are different kinds of aroma diffuser. Commercial scent diffusion system machine can be connected with HVAC system and produce pleasant fragrance in large area, like car showrooms and car shows. However, car aroma diffuser is more suitable in the small area. A new car smell represents the new, fresh and luxurious feel of the car. Through scent creation, Scenthope helps car dealerships give clients the same feel of style and elegance when they enter the showroom or new car. Smell is one of the most powerful human senses, and through scenting an auto-show, car, or car showroom, a brand is creating the ultimate sales experience. It's a kind of marketing, which people call "Scent Marketing".

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