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Magic effect of Fragrance Marketing

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Magic effect of Fragrance Marketing

Fragrance marketing, for hotels, is called Hotel fragrance, while for other places of business, it is called space fragrance. It is also achieved by spraying fragrance essential oil (also known as fragrance atmosphere, fragrance expanding essential oil, fragrance adding essential oil) into the air through fragrance adding equipment - fragrance expander.


In human senses, olfaction is closely related to memory and emotion.

The effect of Fragrance Marketing is mainly embodied in: the influence of fragrance on product brand evaluation, brand memory and advertising effect.

First, the impact of aroma on product and brand evaluation. The practice of fragrance marketing has proved that pleasant fragrance consistent with product characteristics can improve consumers'positive evaluation of products. In a fragrant shopping environment, the appropriate fragrance can enhance the evaluation of the environment and goods, and increase the desire of shoppers to visit the store again. In addition, aroma presentation can enhance people's brand evaluation, especially for non-well-known brands. A large number of scientific studies have found that 80% of people in scented rooms are more likely to buy or prefer a product, and many people show a willingness to spend 10% to 15% more on it. However, different from the product's own fragrance, environmental fragrance may also affect shoppers'evaluation of all items on the shelf, including those that are not suitable for fragrance.

Secondly, the influence of fragrance on customers'stay time in the store. The pleasant fragrance provides psychological satisfaction for consumers, and the fragrance of retail stores has a positive impact on consumer behavior. Businessmen use fragrance to attract customers, seize the customer's feeling psychology, so that they can produce satisfaction and pleasure when consuming, so as to achieve the goal of improving customer loyalty. For example, adding fragrance in retail environment may not directly affect sales, but at least it can prolong consumers'stay in the store and enjoy the pleasure of fragrance environment. This can not only increase the popularity of the store, but also provide the possibility to increase sales. If we cooperate with other promotional activities at this time, the effect is obvious. Popularity itself means wealth. It depends on how businessmen guide and make use of it. The same is true in restaurants, night clubs, bars, coffee shops, sales offices, 4S automobile shops and other business places. For example, the aroma of lavender can help guests relax, extend their leisure time in the store, and make them consume more wine, coffee and food.

Third, the influence of fragrance on brand memory. Odors affect people's memories and emotions related to experience. The use of aroma in retail environments can awaken people's memories. For example, the aroma of coffee can evoke people's emotional memory of everyday life scenes, as well as people's memory of a happy consumption scenario. Retailers are more willing to provide unique odors, which form a connection between odors and the store's memory and enhance consumers'memory of the brand. Research shows that fragrance can especially enhance people's memory of non-well-known brands, increase consumers'attention to non-well-known brands, and extend their attention time.

Fourth, the influence of fragrance on advertising effect. Advertising is an important means of marketing. More and more companies use fragrance in advertising. For example, Kraft Foods embeds the odor in magazine advertisements. Readers only need to rub a few fixed points in the advertisement page, and the delicacy will float out. Take Kraft's cheese advertisement for example. The picture is printed with strawberry cheese cake. Once rubbed, the picture will emit a sweet and fragrant taste of milk. In addition, the flavors of cinnamon coffee, cherry jelly and white chocolate are also presented in the series of different advertisements.

Fifthly, compared with uncoordinated odor, the environment aroma coordinated with commodity style will make consumers have a more positive evaluation of merchants and commodities, and more willing to produce approaching behavior. The so-called coordination is to conform to consumer expectations and form cognitive coordination. The aroma coordinated with product characteristics can increase consumers'attitudes toward product quality, product grade and brand information. Uncoordinated aroma can easily lead to cognitive conflicts among consumers.

For example, spatial factors such as aroma, background music, color and temperature will affect consumers'cognition, mood and consumption preferences. People feel goods through multiple senses. Consumers will see the color of goods, listen to its voice, feel its flexibility and smell its smell. Information from various sensory forms will affect people's evaluation of the product. Conflicting sensory information first surprises consumers, then generates positive emotions (e.g. entertainment, curiosity) or negative emotions (e.g. disappointment, anger), and then affects their evaluation of goods. Background concerts stimulate impulse consumption, while aroma is more likely to stimulate rational consumption. The consistency of environmental aroma and background music can have a positive impact on consumer sentiment and preference; if not, it will not have a positive impact on consumption, or even produce a negative effect. When the fragrance is in harmony with the rhythm of music, consumer spending will increase significantly, and vice versa, there will be a strong negative effect.

In addition, the density of population in stores is also a factor that can not be ignored. Population density and environmental fragrance in the store will influence customers'consumption experience together. In the environment of high population density, consumers are in too much information stimulation to process all environmental information. Personnel congestion may also cause certain psychological pressure, make consumers feel that they have lost their personal space, personal freedom is limited, and increase consumers'avoidance behavior. When the population density is moderate, the fresh and pleasant environmental fragrance will have a more significant impact on consumers'emotions, which can positively affect people's perception of shopping malls. The population density is too high or too low. Influenced by the theory of information disharmony, the regulatory role of environmental aroma (i.e. fragrance marketing) will be more negative.

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