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How to get a pure scent in you space?

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How to get a pure scent in you space?

With the scent industry springing up, a lot of scent products with various shapes or functions occur in our eyes. Sachet, perfume, essential oils, incense wax, incense sticks, fragrant paper, scent machine, etc. What would you like to get scent from in your place? It is very hard for us to make a choice. Before that, we can learn something about these products first.


Pros:Simple, mini and nice. Sachet can be used in wardrobe, car, washroom or other small places. Not only can they make scent, but also as ornaments to decorate the place.

Cons:The coverage is small and heterogeneous.Cheap but scent is not gentle enough


Pros:Exquisite and elegant. Perfume can be sprayed directly on our skin, a kind of scent used for social communication. Moreover, the scent can last for a long time. A female with proper perfume could be more sexy and charming.

Perfume can also be used to scent space with an aroma diffuser.

Cons:Ethanol included. Someone is allergic to perfume.

Essential oils

Pros:Pure and natural. Essential oils are extracted from the plant, close to nature.

Aromatherapy. Essential oils have aromatherapy functions. Massage essential oil can be used on our skin directly while others can be used to scent the space we live in.

Cons:Pure essential oils are rather expensive.

Incense wax

Pros:Incense wax are mini with different shapes. For example, Yankee candles, the biggest candles company in America. The candles in their company have various shape and can be used with various nice accessories.

Cons:Using with flame, lacking of safety.

When extinguishing the candle, it would produce other smell if the candle is not good enough or with inappropriate behavior.

Incense sticks

Pros:Nice and easy use. Using perfume in a nice bottle, it can be a wonderful scene in our room.

Cons:Only can refill the same perfume. If you want to have another scent, you should use a new one.

Opened bottle, it is easy to be knocked down.

Fragrance paper

Pros:Cheap and nice. It is a choice to use in our car.

Cons:Weak scent and cannot last for a long time.


Scent machine

Pros:Professional machine for space use. It can spray the scent more equal and smoothly.

Intelligent and modern. Convenient to use.Easy to change the scent.

Cons:For aroma machine used with fragrance and water, we should add oils over again, because when the oils run out of it would only spray water.

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