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How to choose a suitable hotel lobby fragrance atmosphere

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How to choose a suitable hotel lobby fragrance atmosphere?

In recent years, more and more people like to use fragrance to attract more people's attention. At last, the sense of smell has gradually changed the way people used to live.

With the pressure of life becoming heavier and heavier, in order to get rid of the busy daily life, consumers'demand for fragrance is also increasing. More and more people hope to use fragrance to relieve pressure, relax mood and enhance morale. Then the demand for perfumes is increasing. So how can we buy a good fragrant essential oil? Now let's have a detailed understanding.

First, how can we distinguish the quality of essential oil?

  1. Contact of essential oil with oxygen and sunlight can affect the durability of essential oil storage. Therefore, the packaging of pure aromatic essential oil is usually kept in dark droplet bottles to prevent sunlight and oxygen from infiltrating. The aromatic essential oils of good quality can be preserved for 4-5 years and the aromatic essential oils of citrus can be preserved for 1-2 years under fairly good preservation conditions (at room temperature).

  2. To observe whether there are impurities in aromatic essential oils, a little residue will be left in aromatic essential oils extracted from Peel by traditional freeze-compression method, which makes the quality of products poor. Therefore, this kind of products should be avoided in aromatic treatment.

  3. Essential oil odour, pure aromatic essential oil, gives off natural scent and is different from synthetic perfume, spice or essence.

  4. When aromatic essential oils and carrier oils are mixed, pure essential oils will be blended in carrier oils, and the two molecules will be fully integrated. Otherwise, essential oils are blocked by chemical syntheses or waxes, so that they cannot be fused with carrier oils.


2. How to Compare Essential Oils

  1. The price difference of the same plant in different producing areas is related to its origin, cultivation mode, harvesting time, labor cost and extraction mode. Each plant essential oil has its orthodox representative origin, because it is * suitable for temperature, variety, and accumulated years of harvesting experience. Lavender, for example, is recommended in Provence, France.

  2. Purity difference can drip essential oil into hot water. Pure essential oil will disperse into particulate form, and there will be no black sticky matter after drying up. Pure essential oil drips on toilet paper, leaving no trace after drying, and continues to have the original fragrance. When impure essential oil drops on toilet paper, oil stains will occur and the taste will soon evaporate.

3. What simple methods do we use to test the purity of essential oils?

  1. Drop essential oils onto ink-absorbing paper or coffee filter paper for one night. If there is still an obvious oil stain on the paper on the second day, the essential oil may be added to the base oil. Because most of the clean oils don't leave any oil stains at all. But there are also exceptions, such as strong sticky essential oils, such as patchouli, Wei Tiewei, etc. may have oil stains. Similarly, some cold-pressed oils (such as citrus) will also appear the same phenomenon. 

  2. Drop a few drops of essential oil into a clean glass bottle, add some water, shake, and wait a few minutes. If the mixed precipitation is milky white or turbid, it is highly likely that the oil will be added with alcohol or other ingredients. Similarly, when water is not added, the essential oil is turbid, so the essential oil is also inferior.

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