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How to build a brand and increase turnover through scent marketing

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How to build a brand and increase turnover through scent marketing

How does the sweet smell stimulate your consumption?


Today, consumers can buy almost everything online with just a few clicks, but some brands are rushing to bring consumer spending back to the physical world. Although television, radio, the Internet and print media have attracted our visual and auditory senses, olfaction presents unique challenges for companies trying to attract our attention.


As early as 1920s, Coco Chanel was able to attract customers by ordering sales staff from Paris boutiques and spraying shop with its famous perfume No. 5.


Although this is not the latest phenomenon - Fragrance Marketing has matured into a real marketing technology, and, according to its advocates, it is very effective.


Guided by nose


The dramatic shift in online shopping means that brands need more competitive advantage than ever before to survive.


"We are entering an era where the actual customer experience in hotels or retail stores is becoming more and more important," he told CHOICE.


Many of us can recall stores, hotels or entertainment spaces that we think are visually attractive, weird or memorable. Moreover, although the same products are usually available online, as consumers, we may return to these well-planned environments, which, according to Cosic, can be selected, viewed and - increasingly fragrant according to some music choice.


Qantas was selected for the green tea flavor used in its business lounge in 2010. Cosic has no doubt that fragrance marketing is critical to the future development of the sales business brand.


According to Cosic, smell is one of our most powerful senses - his background in the wine industry taught him the value of aroma. "This is related to the fact that if the area is comfortable, people tend to spend more time in the space, and from this point of view, turnover may increase. If you have great experience in the store, you will go back.


Scent - flower

Things in the air




Perfumes can be provided through dry air technology, without spray, aerosol or heating oil, or through small particles dispersed by cold air diffusers to release fragrance through the air conditioning system of buildings.




The fragrance cost of medium sized hotels spread 18 hours a day is about 200 to 300 dollars per month.


The power of smell


Physically, our sense of smell is different at a very basic level because it's not easy to close - you can close your eyes or block your ears, but it's hard to stop breathing in the air around you.


At the neurological level, olfaction shares a pathway in the brain that is closely related to the limbic system, which is responsible for emotion, memory and emotion. The smell affects the limbic system, and then reaches the brain responsible for noticing and identifying the smell. This is the only sense we can do.




Humans need to breathe 20000 times a day. For perfume dealers, each offers potential opportunities to establish links between consumers and products or environments.


Scent- candle

Smell and sensibility

Although the industry is still in its infancy, it is growing. “If you look at the way branding is done, it’s vision and sound,” Semoff said. “Many people overlook the second most important feeling – the sense of smell – directly connected to the right side of the brain, allowing you to establish emotional connections with the brand.”


In the casino, marketers may choose a “spiritual” smell to keep people alert, while in the hotel, the first choice is the “quiet, soothing and comforting” smell.


Perfume palettes range from fresh - linen and lavender - to the sleek and cedar wood, as well as the scent of burning rubber or even "dinosaur dung".


Using fragrance as brand


Brand and perfume salesmen are very special when choosing the aroma associated with the target market. For example, hotels choose complex flavors to enhance our perceptions of their brands.


American clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch launched its iconic citrus and musky perfume, Fierce, in a store that rivals music, transforming its fragrance brand strategy directly into sales. Fierce is now the best-selling men's fragrance in the store and a popular choice in the United States.


Just as the freshly baked scent of an open house can connect potential buyers with the memories of home cooking, even without any actual baking, it is now possible to extract the similar scent from the bakery we brought to the mall.


Drew Schlesinger is the general manager of the Star Casino in Sydney. Schlesinger hosted the opening of a series of luxury international hotels that believe that environmental odors play an important role in consumer decision-making. Star's newest hotel, Darling's lobby, chose white tea because it has a common sense of sophistication and relaxation, the pool has a citrus flavor and the spa has an eucalyptus flavor. (Interestingly, fresh air is a pleasant smell that spreads through Star's casino, not a special perfume.)


It is not easy for Schlesinger to reach these exact recipes. He said that before deciding to use darling, he sampled about 15 slightly different odors. "The goal is not only to create a pleasant smell, but also to connect with hotels or hotels," he said. It is precisely this association Schlesinger believes that time and again to attract betters. At Starwood Hotel (Sheraton, Wenstin, Rigi Hostellerie), enriching customer experience and promoting brand is the main goal of perfume marketing.


Scent-Scenes 2

The role of fragrance marketing


China's fragrance marketing innovation brand – “Spirit” means that, given the oversaturation of audio and visual marketing, more and more modern stores aim to maximize the impact of fragrance and create a multi-sensory experience. “In most large department stores, the perfume and cosmetics department always meets you at the entrance or on the ground floor,” he said. “The same is true for most supermarkets – the bakery is located near the entrance and greets shoppers with a warm aroma of baked goods.”


Does it smell better than other flavors when Australians find their wallets? Jacobson said that because of cultural sentiment, the scent of sunscreen - or the coconut beach known in the scented air catalogue - is very popular. According to Cosic, tea oil - green, white and even Japanese - and the sweetness of fresh figs are also popular brands.



Should we feel stupid headed by the nose?


Although Australian consumers are usually shrewd and aware of most of the marketing revolutions around us, this subconscious manipulation goes beyond the general definition of advertising. So, how moral is it that brands should permeate not only what we hear when we enter their space, but also what we breathe?


"We don't put drugs in the air, we just make the environment more pleasant," says SCENTHOPE. "The quantity is so small -- from the point of view of concentration, it is only one million parts of the fragrance in the air."


Like the color theme of a store or the fonts on its sign, fragrance is an important aspect of brand building - It looks like staying here.

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