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How to Maintain Aroma Diffuser Machine

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How to Maintain Aroma Diffuser Machine


Nowadays, most star-rated hotels have been equipped with cold air aroma diffusion system, the main areas of scenting include the hotel lobby, mini bar, toilet, lounge, corridor, elevator, room. If the hotel is equipped with too many aroma diffuser devices and seldom manage and clean the machines, it will hard to spread fragrance therefore easily effect scent marketing.

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Most hotels generally use the direct purchase of aroma diffuser machine and essential oil for scent marketing, and often neglecting management after installation, resulting in poor fragrance effect. But how to maintain aroma diffuser machine in the daily use of aroma machine, the following will explain one by one:


  1. Check Time Setting

    The mainstream cold air aroma machine on the market has the function of regular work, and some have the segmentation timing function. This function depends on the local time of the aroma machine. If the time on the machine is not accurate, then it can't work accurately and regularly. Some brands of electronic time controllers even have a few minutes of error or delay per day. After a long time, the aroma machine should have started running at 8:00 in the morning. The result is that it starts running at 9 or even 10 o'clock. It should end at 10 o'clock in the evening. The result is that it runs to 12 o'clock. Under such circumstance, the aromatherapy effect is completely inconsistent with the desire of the user, so it is necessary to check the time regularly.

  2. Change Essential Oil

    Aromatherapy essential oil is used as an auxiliary product of the aroma machine. When adding the essential oil, you should pay attention to it. Add it strictly according to the mark line. Do not add water or other liquids to avoid damage to the machine. Do not mix aromatherapy essential oils with different fragrances. In addition, the fragrance machine on the market basically has no liquid shortage alarm function, so it is necessary to grasp the essential oil consumption in certain period of the fragrance machine, calculate the approximate use period, and add essential oil in time to avoid the equipment idling.

  3. Fixed Use

    During the use of the aroma machine, try to avoid frequent movement or change of position, because the aroma machine with the added essential oil will easily cause the essential oil to return and damage the equipment during the shaking and inversion of the equipment. The environment is also should be kept clean, and dust and other debris can block the fog holes.

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