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How to Choose Fragrance of Essential Oil

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How to Choose Fragrance of Essential Oil

Essential oils with different fragrances have different effects. When adding fragrances in public places, we should select specific fragrance types according to the characteristics of the fragrance in order to achieve the desired effect.

  1. How to choose the fragrance of fragrance essential oil used in bars/KTV: Bars/KTV are crowded places with strong odor, smoke and alcohol, and some old places are full of mildew. Such places need to have the fragrance essential oil of degrading mildew flavor. If the improper fragrance is mixed with the peculiar odor, the fragrance becomes muddy and smells, and the money spent is not good to get good fragrance effect. In some places, fruit and flower flavors are needed.

  2. For hotels, shopping malls, automobile exhibition halls, office buildings and other large space public places, how to choose the fragrance of essential oils used: should be based on their own company culture, target customer positioning, so as to help the establishment and shaping of the company's olfactory brand.

  3. How to choose the fragrance of essential oil in the real estate sales department? The fragrance in the early stage of the real estate sales department is mainly to remove the odor of covering and decoration. After half a year, other new fragrance essential oils are used, such as white tea series, green tea series and flower fragrance series.

  4. The bathroom is a place with strong odor. The method of adding perfume to remove odor is often used. In fact, the odor of the bathroom * is covered up with herb or fruit flavor. The herb flavor of laundry soap is effective to cover up the odor of feces and urine. The effect * is when peppermint and spearmint are used, they are all herb flavors.

 5. For the living room, lilies, roses, jasmine, lilies and lilies are the first choice.

6. Aroma selection in the bedroom I think personal favorite fragrance is suitable for their own, most people before bedtime smell lavender, sandalwood fragrance has hypnotic effect. In addition, western people believe that rose fragrance has the role of "flirting", while Oriental people generally believe that Musk Fragrance can "flirt", which may be psychological.

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Of course, the types of fragrance will vary from person to person, and people from different regions will like different fragrances. For example, countries like Middle East and Europe like to use strong and heavy fragrance, which is not suitable for Oriental taste. I do not know if the above personal opinions are correct, just for reference. How to choose the fragrance of essential oil in fragrance atmosphere needs to be supplemented and put forward by professionals, so that users can choose their own fragrance (essential oil in fragrance atmosphere).

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