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How to Choose Cold Air Aroma Diffuser

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How to choose cold air aroma diffuser


The aroma diffuser is also known as the essential oil diffuser, cold air aroma diffuser, hvac scent diffusion system, aromatherapy machine, scent air machine, cold air diffusion system, etc. In the past five years, the application and demand for scent marketing in the international market has grown rapidly. Many international-level five stars hotel, real estate sales center, auto 4S shop, shopping mall, bar, KTV and other places have introduced the aromatherapy culture. Since the scent marketing is still a relatively new and niche business, customers have less knowledge of aroma diffuser. Scenthope has been engaged in diffuser manufacturing and scent marketing for 11 years since 2008.Now Let us talk about how to choose the aroma diffuser that is suitable for your place.

The material of the diffuser: 

Plastic, metal, aluminum alloy, in which the plastic diffuser shell could age fast, the metal shell is easily rusted by the essential oil, the aluminum alloy material diffuser shell is not aging, no rust, with aluminum alloy is more durable but expensive.

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Material of the diffuser atomizer: 

Plastic material atomizer would direct injection mold factory injection molding, while aluminum alloy material atomizer made of high-precision CNC machining technology.


The material of the diffuser movement: 

The movement of the diffuser is the heart of the machine. It is the key to stable operation and maintain long service life. The life of the imported high-quality movement is twice as long as that of the other movement, and the noise is relatively small. But the price is high. The other movement has a short life, relatively loud noise and low price, of course.

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According to the use of the diffuser:

The method of purchasing the diffuser (essential oil diffuser, aroma diffuser, cold mist aroma diffuser, aromatherapy machine, scent machine, scent diffusion system) cannot be generalized, mainly according to the size of the space and the amount of ventilation, air conditioning system and the structure of the HVAC system to purchase, and the installation location is related to the type of diffuser.

For example, in the case of a small amount of ventilation in the lobby of the hotel, 1000 cubic meter of space is recommended to use a diffuser that covers 500-1200 cubic meters. This scenting range of aroma machine can adjust suitable concentration; The installation location of vertical diffuser is suitable for the hotel lobby, the hanging diffuser is suitable for wall mounting, the invisible installation (top of the ceiling) uses a split diffuser. Take bar environment for instance, due to the ventilated coverage in bar is large, the split-type large space aroma machine with two atomizers is most suitable. 3000 cubic meters space needs to choose a diffuser that can cover 3000-5000 cubic meters. The atomizer can be flexibly selected for the appropriate position. Under this circumstance, coverage space is larger and more uniform, which saves the number of machines purchased and makes it easy to add essential oils.

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According to the material of the diffuser:

case material:

The plastic diffuser casing is easy to age, and the diffuser casing of the iron material is easily corroded and rusted by the essential oil. The diffuser casing of the aluminum alloy material is not aging, rusting, which is durable use, but undoubtedly high in cost.

Essential oil atomizer material:

The diffuser of the plastic material atomizer has no processing precision and the cost is extremely low. Advantages: low price; Disadvantages: low life of atomizer, easy to block and leak essential oil, need to clean the atomizer with alcohol every month, atomized particles are large, and consume a large amount of essential oil under the same conditions. Increase the cost of adding aromatic oils.

 The atomizer of the high-quality diffuser is made of aluminum alloy and high-precision CNC machining technology. Disadvantages: The price is slightly higher. Advantages: small atomized particles, saving the use of fragrance essential oils, long life, no clogging, no leakage of fragrance essential oil, no need to regularly clean the machine atomizer.

Movement material:

The heart of aroma diffuser is the movement. It is the key to stable operation and long service life. The life of the imported high-quality movement is twice as long as that of the other movement, and the noise is relatively small, but the price is high. Some poor quality movements have a short life, relatively loud noise and low price.

To sum up:

The quality of the plastic casing and the domestic movement is slightly worse, but the price is cheap; the iron casing and the domestic movement have a short life; the aluminum alloy casing and the imported movement have good quality, long service life and slightly higher price. The life of the domestic movement is about 1-3 years, and the life of the imported movement is about 6-8 years.

It is recommended not to choose the diffuser of plastic material essential oil atomizer or must make sure the material of plastic atomizer should be anti-corrosion material and the fine atomizer of high quality, it is sure that aluminum alloy is the first choice.


The purchase of the diffuser must be aware of the above factors. It is best to consult the manufacturer of the diffuser before purchasing the diffuser. Scenthope provides free consultation services.

The purchase of diffuser needs to sign the warranty service with the manufacturer. Most manufacturers can only guarantee one year warranty. A few good quality diffuser manufacturers provide one year extension service.If there is no contract, there is no warranty service guarantee.

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