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How to Choose Aroma Diffuser for Clothing Store

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How to choose aroma diffuser for clothing store


How to choose fragrance for clothing store? The manager of the chain brand clothing stores will often have this question. The clothing store fragrance (clothing shop aromatherapy) refers to diffusing pleasant fragrance to the air and enhancing the shopping experience of the customers in the store to bring the customer a pleasant mood. It’s an effective way to serve customers and increase sales.


How to choose a suitable fragrance for your clothing store? This is a challenging job, but also the most difficult decision, the girls who love to buy brand clothes should have the similar shopping experienced, the clothing store fragrance (shopping environment) is particularly easy to touch the shopping desire of girls. People have a good sense of pleasure in a pleasant aroma environment. Of course, more willing to purchase and improve brand awareness. 76% of people said that the unique fragrance will make them have a noble and beautiful impression on the brand, and will produce association. Nowadays the clothing store fragrance has become popular, many high-end brands have signature fragrance. The scent of the clothing store (the aroma of the clothing store) highlights the importance of the fragrance of the clothing store.


What kind of fragrance diffusion way is more suitable for clothing stores? The fragrance spreading method of the clothing store is recommended to take restaurant’s fragrance diffusion method into consideration. Choosing a small or medium aroma machine and the signature aroma essential oil. Scenthope commercial small area aroma machine (also known as aroma diffuser, scent diffuser, essential oil diffuser, scent machine, cold air aroma diffusion system) its aroma machine model S600, with the use of pure essential oil, put into the appropriate countertops or the ground can achieve the scent marketing effect, so that the entire clothing store is full of fragrance, bringing different shopping experience to customers.


The selection of the aroma fragrance of clothing store is also very particular. The brand positioning and the consumer group are the main factors for the selection of the fragrance, and also need to combine with the decoration environment. Guangzhou Scenthope Company has 11 years of experience in manufacturing aroma diffuser machine and offering the scent marketing strategy. The fragrances commonly used in our clothing stores are “Coco Lady” and “Shangri-La”. Of course, we have other options for essential oils. The quality of the fragrance also determines the quality of the clothing store's product. The essential oils provided by Guangzhou Scenthope company are all imported from Spain, we have obtained the official certification of the International Fragrance Association IFRA standards.


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