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How to Choose A Aroma Diffuser without A Central Air Conditioning System?

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How to Choose A Diffuser without A Central Air Conditioning System?

At present, the aroma diffuser has entered the international high-end market, replacing the traditional spray incubator and air freshener. The diffuser atomizes the essential oil and spreads the fragrance widely through the HVAC ventilation system to achieve ideal fragrance coverage. The machine can fill the entire large space with a uniform concentration of fragrance. However, many places do not have new air conditioning system or HVAC system installed, the current general expansion machine on the market can not achieve a large area of fragrance diffusion, and the fragrance is not uniform. To achieve the desired aromatherapy effect is bound to increase the quantity of machine installed in different positions, which leads to an increase cost of the aroma diffuser and the trouble of managing the machine on a daily basis.

For the above situation, I suggest three options for peer or user reference:

First, choose a common model diffuser (large area model) placed on the ground, the advantage is easy to install and add essential oil; the disadvantage is that the fragrance concentration is not uneven, the fragrance diffusion effect is poor.

Second, choose 2-3 sets of ordinary machine type diffuser to place the ground, and release the fragrance in the same space at the same time. The disadvantage is that the installation position is inconvenient to choose, the amount of essential oil is large, and the uniformity of the fragrance is slightly poor.

Third, choose a product like DR-22 diffuser to be installed on the ceiling. This model is equipped with two atomizers. The atomizers are installed in two different air ventilation area to release the fragrance in the same space. The disadvantage is that the power supply is slightly inconvenient during installation; the advantage is that the installation position is flexible and convenient, the fragrance spreads evenly, large fragrance coverage and it is convenient to add the essential oil.

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The above three schemes are to be combined with the actual situation of the aromatherapy site. Of course, we should consider saving the customer's cost of essential oil, uniform fragrance effect, the idea installation to add essential oil, and maintenance-free! Therefore, if you are interested in engaging into this scent marketing, should try to choose a high-quality diffuser and ask as many questions as possible to know whether the supplier you chose is professional or not. 

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