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How can the fresh air system add incense to the hotel?

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How can the fresh air system add incense to the hotel?

When we go to an upscale hotel, when we are at the door of the hotel, we can smell the fragrance emitted from the hotel, which makes customers feel relaxed and happy. As a hotel, how can we add incense to the hotel? This depends on the hotel's fresh air system, Xiaoxiang is ready to explain how the hotel through the fresh air system to add incense to the hotel.


Hotel fragrance adding needs to go through a complex process: site investigation, formulation of fragrance adding scheme, fragrance selection, fragrance testing, fragrance fixing and other multiple links, each link can not be sloppy; site investigation needs careful patience, according to the accurate data obtained from site investigation, fragrance adding scheme can produce accurate fragrance adding scheme, fragrance selection, fragrance testing and fragrance fixing directly affect the effect of later Hotel fragrance adding, fragrance selection, fragrance testing and fragrance fixing Fragrance needs to be screened according to hotel style, culture, season, customer groups and other aspects of fragrance suitable for the hotel.

Hotel fragrance is added by atomizing vegetable essential oil at room temperature, and then through the hotel central air conditioning or fresh air system, the atomized nanoparticles of essential oil are sent into the fresh air pipeline and transmitted to the whole indoor space. With the high volatility of essential oil, the atomized essential oil mist can instantly release the volatile components when it meets the fast-moving air, and evenly release the fragrance in space (this is just a way of fragrance in hotels, there are many more, here are not listed one by one). In fact, Hotel fragrance is only a kind of fragrance in the space environment. The same flavoring method applies to all service enterprises. And the most popular way to add fragrance in hotels. There are many ways to add incense in hotels, such as incense lamp, incense machine, etc. But in general, star hotels use incense through incense machine to achieve. This method is a new way of flavoring. The essential oils (aromatic essential oils) used are safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This is safer and more fragrant than the previous way of aromatherapy lamp incense. Because aromatherapy lamp heating releases aromatic atmosphere, essential oil heating will destroy the internal molecular structure, produce harmful substances, and each human body will have adverse reactions after inhalation.

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Nowadays, with the improvement of people's awareness, Hotel fragrance is more concerned about safety and health. Hotel fragrance can not only improve air quality, but also enhance the brand awareness of enterprises and create a fragrance label with enterprise characteristics. At present, international enterprises such as Shangri-La, Starwood, Marriott, BOSS, SONY, Biguiyuan and so on all have their own unique fragrance. From this, we can see that the concept of smell brand has begun to spread, and a new era of fragrance brand will sweep across the service industry.

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