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Have a scent device do you still need to buy automatic scent air machine?

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Have a scent device do you still need to buy automatic scent air machine?

Aromatherapy can make the space fragrant , accompanying your day and night. Exquisite and rich outerwear is undoubtedly a visual feast. In recent years, with the development of the market, there are more and more aromatherapy devices on the market, and there are too many enumerations, so many friends who want to buy are uncertain.

At present, the main incense burner on the market is:

Candle incense lamp

Principle: use candle heating to help volatilize

The main advantages and disadvantages: Although not restrained by the wires, candlelight can create an atmosphere, but the burning of the candle may cause safety problems, and the burning of the candle may generate harmful substances and consume oxygen, It is recommended not to use more.

Scent-candle fragrance

Water oxygen machine

Principle: Using ultrasonic vibration + fan blowing

Main advantages and disadvantages: water mist creates atmospheric humidification space; but low-level aircraft is not safe to atomize, the tabletop will be wet, and it is not suitable for wet places.

Scent-Water oxygen machine

Expanded fragrant stone

Principle: use constant temperature (60~70 degrees Celsius) heating to help volatilization.

Main advantages and disadvantages: suitable for thicker essential oils, the range of diffusing fragrance is very limited, the fragrance of pure plant essential oil is difficult to spread out, only suitable for blending aromatherapy oil to spread fragrance.


No fire aromatherapy bottle

Use the non-flammable scented head to ignite the plant isopropanol, so that the aromatherapy core keeps a certain temperature for a long time to let the essential oils emanate. This aromatherapy appliance has been introduced for several years, and now the production technology of the core is very perfect. Because no fire aroma is the most high-end product in aromatherapy equipment, most manufacturers of non-fire aromatherapy oils that are sold in the market will use real plant essential oils and plant isopropanol products, which can be used with confidence.


Fragrance machine

Principle: Using fluid mechanics to impact the essential oil into a misty volatilization, without adding water, without heating, directly atomizing the essential oil, the scent is the freshest, which can make the odor spread to a large space in a short time. 

Miteho X 1 Using the most advanced two-fluid atomization technology in the world, the principle of high-speed flow of compressed air is used to make fine oil particles. The ion high-speed rotary accelerator is used to separate the particles into nano-sized essential oil particles, thereby ensuring that there is no fragrance residue in the pipeline and the diffusion range is further.


Creative design of fragrance machine, more uniform fragrance dispersion, not wetting objects, not causing pollution to walls, floors, etc., high safety factor

It is a smart fragrance machine that combines incense, humidification and face value to make your environment pleasant and comfortable. ScentHope smart fragrance machine, it has sentiment, enough petty, to increase your quality of life; it helps sleep, meditation, reading, drama, yoga essential; it moisturizes the skin, feel the home oxygen bar; it makes you relax, Improve happiness. Then what reason do you have to buy a fragrance machine?

Then why else do you not buy perfume machines?

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