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Fragrance Marketing - Helping to build a brand image

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Fragrance Marketing - Helping to build a brand image

In today's competitive shopping environment, creating unforgettable experiences and emotional ties has gradually become a winning weapon for merchants to win consumers and cultivate consumer brand loyalty. With the advent of the experience economy, sensory marketing has become increasingly popular, and the sense of smell has been increasingly applied to all aspects of business planning.

In all senses, the sense of smell is the most powerful and emotional. By using fragrances, brands can connect with consumers at a deeper emotional level, resulting in a more memorable experience. Nowadays, consumers may only need to smell the taste and know what brand of store they are entering.


Fragrance marketing is a series of activities that stimulate consumers to purchase products or services by exploiting the potential effects of aroma on human emotions, memory, and even behavior. The scent of olfactory sensation is the key to aroma marketing. Different from traditional visual and auditory stimuli, the marketing model that uses specific scent to attract consumers' attention and memory is an innovation of traditional marketing mode. Aroma marketing has been widely used in hotels, shopping centers, entertainment venues, jewelry, clothing, commercial real estate, home, automotive 4S shops and other industries.

With the development of olfactory marketing, more and more domestic and foreign hotel management groups or personalized hotels have made a big fuss about people's sense of smell. The transformation of this brand marketing has also reached the international major brand hotels - Sheraton, Shangri-La, Marriott, InterContinental and other related companies.


In fact, capturing the customer's sense of smell with different scent is no longer a marketing patent for high-end business hotels, and different types of hotels are also trying to establish a fragrance brand that suits them. For example, hot spring hotels choose a variety of floral fragrances that are suitable for bathing and relaxing, while resorts need to make customers feel like relaxing at home, and a variety of fruity and warm tastes become the first choice for such hotels. However, for conference-style hotels, it is best to use refreshing and odor-removing flavors in a limited space. Regardless of the type of hotel, as long as it has its clear brand positioning and target customer base, the choice of fragrance is no longer a difficult task.

This kind of olfactory experience is based on the "fragrance machine, fragrance system" as a carrier, and serves all walks of life through aromatherapy essential oils.

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