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Fragrance, Fragrance Oil, Scenthope Fragrance

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Fragrance has a profound historical origin. According to the relevant documents, in ancient times, fragrance was first used for religious and sacrificial occasions or indoor incense. It can be said that the earliest fragrance is used in the field of space rather than human body. Today, fragrance is a liquid similar to perfume, but it is different from the strong perfume. The fragrance of fragrance is more elegant, and it is vigorously pursued by people pursuing quality of life.


Today, Scenthope has created a variety of fragrance types, fragrance equipment, fragrance oils, fragrance extension series products, to meet the needs of hotels, clubs, studios, banks and other commercial places and homes.


Scenthope fragrance oil, light floral aromas with sweet fruit aromas. Peach, cherry, full of girly taste. The tenderness of the woman’s love at first is full of emotions. The middle notes are fresh and refined, and jasmine, lily and geranium are blended to highlight the elegant charm of women.   With heavy fragrance, amber, mousse, musk, cedar, the deep love of women's hearts, woody fragrance with rose, is a portrayal of women's love, but also the monologue of love in the heart.



Scenthope SCENT-E men's fragrance oil, the front is like a strong spirit, is the passion of love. The aroma of bergamot, lemon and lavender is full of romance due to the combination of roses. The mood of the man who loves the woman is reappeared, and the memory is awakened, and the heart is reminiscent. When passion retreats, love tends to flow. Set off with roses and cedar and vanilla. The taste is getting weaker, but the mood is gradually thickened with mousse, amber, and musk. It tends to be gentle and gentle, but it lasts for a long time. The illusion of love becomes a solid and eternal dependence in the heart.

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