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Fragrance Covering,Christmas Is Incensing

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Fragrance Covering, Christmas Is Incensing

The annual Christmas is coming again. Christmas is undoubtedly a very famous day all over the world. In China, although the some countries do not celebrate Christmas, more and more people value Christmas and will be willing to understand the origins and allusions of Christmas. Today, let's talk about 6 interesting stories about Christmas. Maybe you already know it, maybe some of you don't understand it, and perhaps some will bring you emotional resonance.


The origin of the Christmas tree is to thank Prince Albert.

Another Christmas tradition is the Christmas tree: during the winter solstice, the branches act as reminders of spring - the roots of our Christmas tree. The Germans first implanted evergreens in their homes and decorated them. This tradition made it enter the United States in the 1930s. But until Prince Albert of Germany introduced the tree to his new wife, Queen Victoria, England, the Christmas tree became popular.


Santa's prototype is more holy and not just cute.

In the legend of the Netherlands, Santa Sintirklass also brought an assistant named BlackPeter, who came by a boat. He took a big book that described the performance of all Dutch children in the past year. A good child gives a gift to them, and a bad child takes his assistant (an elk) away.


Santa Claus has his own postal code.

Every year, letters were written to Santa Claus around the world flood into the post office. At first, the post office staff explained the letter, but as more letters arrived, they set up a special postal code for Santa Claus. What is the zip code of Santa Claus? H0H 0H0.



《Jingle Bell》was originally a song for Thanksgiving.

James Lord Pierpont of Savannah, Georgia, first sang a "one horse to open sled" he wrote at his church's Thanksgiving concert. The song was republished in 1857 and won today's title. At the same time, this is the first song played in space.


Washington Irving created Santa's sleigh.

The most famous work of Washington Irving is the headless knight of Sleepy Legend, but the author also proposed the idea of Santa's flying sled. In the short story "Jeffrey Crayon Pieces" of 1819, Owen talked about the dream of St. Nicholas flying in the air on a wagon. According to legend, his story is so popular that it has sparked Christmas fanaticism in the United States and even in the United Kingdom. It is said that Charles Dickens was inspired by Irving when he made his own holiday classic "Christmas Carol".


Christmas gifts also have interesting origins.

Every Christmas, Santa Claus rides on the reindeer, and the holy child holds the Christmas tree to the world. As the world changes, writers and artists begin to describe Santa as the image of the red dress we are familiar with today, with a white beard. Santa Nicholas always quietly presents gifts to those in need, and then gradually become the tradition of Christmas gifts today.


Santa is carrying a package full of gifts, accompanied by fluttering snowflakes, giving gifts to people. Everyone likes to give gifts to express their true blessings. However, what gifts should be sent to became the most troublesome thing of the year?

Only send cards, who can't think of it?

Here is a tip for you. Using a gift to make a different game play, the style can rise to a level in a moment~ the good mood is coming up too~ Who will not cherish the hard-won gift? Christmas gifts can be the protagonist of "peek-a-boo". Buy two identical gifts, one for home use, one for pre-packaged, and let friends find the gift you want to send in the house. Whoever finds it first, who can get the gift! In fact, you can even send yourself out.


But there are so many gifts, how to choose the best Christmas gift? It should keep the pace with the times. It should be a high-tech and practical gift. It should be different from other similar Christmas gifts on the market.


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Scenthope Aroma Diffuser is the best and special gift for you.

  • More than just an aromatherapy diffuser, it is a remote-controlled aromatherapy diffuser that meets your needs for high technology and practicality.

  • White represents gorgeous and noble, quiet and pure. The combination of white and any color can express the beauty of harmony.

  • Black symbolizes mystery and elegance. Showing your unique taste between virtual and real.

  • It is both an air purifier and an air aroma machine with LED light design, it is suitable for the room area, so that you can have a sweet dream at Christmas. The next day, accompanying the aroma, wake up and get a gift from Santa Claus surprisingly.

  • Wall mounted and quietly working functions make it more like your own invisible household helper, let visitors indulge in the comfortable environment, admire the taste of you.

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Most people spend their Christmas time going to church, and then the family goes home for dinner. According to this routine, we can come to a new idea!

Prepare an aromatherapy machine, turn on the aromatherapy and timing functions before going out, and smell the natural aroma of essential oil when you are home, so you can have a romantic dinner at night, or enjoy a pleasant fragrance Christmas with your family. And at midnight say "sweet dream" to the beloved ones.



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