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Environmental fragrance, smell produces beauty

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 The Chinese fragrant culture originated from the pre-Qin Dynasty and became the Han and Tang Dynasties. It flourished in the Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties. In the early Western Han Dynasty, incense was already popular among the nobility.

In "Dream of Red Mansions", we can read a lot of incense scenes. In the bedroom of Keqing, there is a "sweet incense", which makes Baoyu happy to enter the dream, and the gods swim a illusory environment;


What is floating in front of the window of Saitama is a scent of "sweet incense", which makes people feel refreshed; in the sleeves of Breguet, there is a trace of "cold fragrance"... There are dozens of incense in the book. : Tibetan, musk, plum, soothing, lily, rosemary, sandalwood, agarwood, woody, borneol, mint, white peony, etc. Many fragrances in modern life still coincide with the preferences of the ancients, but now we have more convenient and safe choices.  

In addition to the annoying spirit, the jade furnace winds around the courtyard. The indoor environment fragrance in the ancient population can not only remove the suffocating gas, but also have a lot of spirituality. The indoor fragrance is fragrant, and even the courtyard is mellow with the wind.


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