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Budget hotel's new breakthrough in scent marketing

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In the past, the use of specially tailored fragrances to capture the customer's sense of smell has always been a marketing patent for high-end business hotels. Many budget hotels or local hotels have always been eager to see their costs. However, with the advancement of technology and the increasing competition in the hotel industry, different types and positioning hotels are also trying to establish a fragrance brand that suits them. For example, the hot spring hotel chooses a variety of floral fragrances that are suitable for bathing and relaxing.


However, for the budget hotels that have always been cheap and affordable, better customer experience and personality characteristics have become the bottleneck that they must break through.


Therefore, the marketing approach of aroma marketing, which looks like a romantic temperament, is like an unattainable luxury in the eyes of most budget hotels, which makes most budget hotels are rarely involved in the groundbreaking marketing model of the olfactory implant brand.

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However, with the advancement of technology, the cost of hotel fragrance is constantly being reduced. For example, in the current hotel plus flavor, the hotel only needs to buy a few incense equipment in its fresh air system or central air conditioning vents, which can completely make the entire lobby, corridors, rooms and other public areas full of romantic floral atmosphere, and the fragrance can also be freely chosen and customized.


I believe that the future hotel will definitely create a unique fragrance environment for customers by creating a unique scent memory.


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