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Brand communication value of hotel fragrance

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Brand communication value of hotel fragrance


The fragrance of the hotel was originally only found in the international first-class hotels, mainly the unique fragrances created by some international hotel management groups in order to create their own brand image. By installing side-source diffuser equipment in the hotel's lobby, guest rooms, executive lounges, etc., it is generally installed in a hidden area that is not visible to guests, such as the central air-conditioning fresh air system. The scented materials are generally selected from pure plant essential oils or blended compound aromatic essential oils. Through the central air-conditioning, the air outlets in various areas can be used to set the areas where the fragrance needs to be diffused, and the fragrance can be adjusted to be thick or light in the space, according to the distribution and drawings of the central air conditioner are set.


At present, hotels of different brands in the same category of hotels in the world are imitating each other in hotel design, hotel standards, hotel supplies, hotel services and marketing means, and the hotel brand content and hotel cultural value gradually converge. Similarly, hotels should also have their own unique personality, which is an important part of the hotel brand development strategy, but also the core requirements for the continuous shaping and development of hotel culture.



Choosing the right fragrance can enhance the comfort and satisfaction of the guests, and effectively improve the hotel space environment through the evaporation of essential oils, and promote the physical and mental health of hotel guests. So that the hotel guests staying in the subconscious mind to remember the scent, and used to smell this scent to think of the experience of staying at this hotel, of course, the choice of scent is to interpret the style of its own hotel brand, image, culture has played a finishing touch.

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