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Best scent choice for pregnant mothers

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Best choice for pregnant mothers

Nowadays, the hotel is full of aromatherapy, some are not suitable for pregnant mothers, many pregnant mothers may have some concerns, today we'll look at some hotels where aromatherapy is the best choice for pregnant mothers to relieve worries for pregnant women's travel.


  1. Negative ion aromatherapy furnace

Aromatherapy diffuser is the most effective aromatherapy stove that does not harm or change the essence of the oil. Its atomized essential oil has long lasting fragrance and wide spread range. Just add 3-5 drops of essential oil into the glass bottle, use the airflow to reach the atomization principle, and then you can emit aroma and moisturizing effect.


2. Cold pressed aroma diffuser

This is the most effective and quiet diffusion essential oil aromatherapy. Furnace The atomization is operated in cold pressure mode, which is easy to spread in the air and absorbed by the human body. The space for fog diffusion can be as high as 10,000 square feet. This method does not require water and heat, and the aroma can be completely spread, and the treatment effect is better. Moreover, the diffuser is easy to clean and can be cleaned with alcohol.


3. hand made aromatherapy stove.

Simply match the candle and the water to warm the room.


4. Electric aromatherapy furnace

 The furnace is safe and constant temperature, which makes the aromatherapy oil release the fragrance more stably and exert the highest efficacy. It is suitable for hotels, bedrooms, offices and so on.

Essential oils that can be used by mothers and newborn babies, including: Roman chamomile, grapefruit, lavender, orange blossom, etc. Baby's newborn skin is easy to have diaper rash, while mother's postpartum hormone secretion is not stable, both are very suitable for use. As for gestational striae, which are concerned by every pregnant woman, Otto Rose, Frankincense, Patchouli, Sandalwood and so on can be used, and these kinds of functions are particularly significant.

Pregnant women should avoid using strong diuretics, stimulating and sedative oils, such as fennel, parsley, juniper, valerian root and rosemary, and should not be used during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant mothers-to-be need to inquire about hotel aromatherapy suitable for pregnant women and inform the hotel itself in advance so that the hotel can prepare Hotel aromatherapy suitable for pregnant women in advance.

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