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As you want, as I want

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Each generation has the historical characteristics of each generation, and each generation bears an unshirkable historical responsibility under different historical backgrounds. The older generation left us with the spirit of hard work and endurance, and finally exchanged for the beauty of life today. It is also in this materially rich era. After 90s, it has its own brand, and the defamatory labels are always pasted. However, with the growth of the post-90s, many of the actions made after the 90s fully reflected the responsibility of the 90s.

"Follow me!" - We only express different ways, but it does not mean that we have no responsibility, We are the post-90s generation.

"With you!" - I am such an aromatherapy machine, anytime, anywhere, for your use

With the development of science and technology and the involvement of science and technology in various fields, the humanization of technology and the fashion of technology have increasingly highlighted the diversity of technology. Scenthope's aromatherapy machine, paired with excellent essential oils, always plays the role of a companion, warm and not irritating, with deep sleep. At night, at home.


Scenthope is trying to make the aromatherapy machine full of "thinking" just to open your intellectual world. Aromatherapy mode, can not be simple, control, can rely on APP, smart phone control, just for your convenience and remote operation; late at night, want to sleep soundly, sleep carefree, intelligent power is the best goodnight gift Scenthope gives you.


We build an aromatherapy machine that you can enjoy at any time. Easy to carry, is our design based on the concept of mobile, where to go, where to take, where to put, is a beautiful landscape, all for your use.

From the beginning to the end, our design is from the human point of view, people-oriented, demanding people, what people care about, they always hold, all technology, are human and service, and they produce It's not just the aromatherapy machine, it's the smart transporter of the air, you can turn on your smart air with one click.


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