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Aroma Marketing Begins with Scientific Choice of Fragrance – Scenthope

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Fragrance marketing begins with a scientific selection of fragrances. In the fragrance marketing, Fragrance Source as the Medium of Dissemination and Guidance. Before making the fragrance selection, we must figure out the following points:


1. Not every fragrance is popular with everyone. We choose the fragrance with the highest audience acceptance.

2, not every fragrance concentration can be accepted by everyone, the fragrance concentration we choose can make the audience feel the most comfortable.

3, the safety of the crowd is the most important prerequisite for the choice of source and fragrance.

4, the fragrance is not an item, what is needed is the guidance of feelings and related consciousness, which will make the audience have a clear distinction.

5, the recommended fragrance is not as good as possible, the more recommended, the more difficult the customer choice.

6. Don't be led by customers, use professional skills to guide them to accept the most suitable fragrance for business development.

7, placed on the tip of the nose, and the fragrance created by professional fragrance equipment will have a certain difference between shades.

8, a short time to distinguish a variety of flavors will produce olfactory fatigue, after smelling two or three flavors, rest for ten to twenty minutes to continue. Or when smelling different flavors, sniff unprocessed coffee beans to stimulate the olfactory nerves, improve the sense of smell, and continue to distinguish between good and bad.



In addition to this, we also need to understand the classification of spices. Generally speaking, spices can be divided into natural and artificial flavors:

1. Natural flavors are spices that are physically extracted from plants and animals. According to different sources, it is divided into plant spices and animal spices.

2. Artificial flavor refers to a chemically synthesized fragrance.

3, there are many natural spices in plants, such as rose sesame oil, violet, sandalwood, lemon oil, jasmine, lavender, balsam and so on.

4. Animals have relatively few natural flavors, mainly musk, ambergris, civet and castoreum.


Aroma marketing is a relatively complicated system. In summary, it only constitutes a point of the fragrance marketing system. Scientific selection of fragrance is the first step for enterprises to carry out fragrance marketing.

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