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2018 best essential oil scent machine diffuser X2 scent marketing machine

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2018 best essential oil scent machine diffuser X2 scent marketing machine

X2 – fragrance diffuser


Rated voltageDC 5V



Oil consumption0.6ml/h

Net weight: 0.6kg

Applicable space: ≤80m2

Size: W150*D60*H180

Scent - X2 - 2.1

Scent - X2 - 2.2


  • Patent atomization, nano-level atomization technology

  • Cold fragrance atomization, diffused fragrance pure natural

  • Intelligent timing, three-stage intelligent time control

  • Built-in fan, high quality hydraulic assisted spread

  • Concentration adjustment, free control of spray stop time

  • Infrared remote control, convenient for maintenance and debugging

Scent - X2 -2.4

Scent X2- 2.3

1. Essential oil fragrance expander X2 adopts the latest high-precision cold air atomization principle technology, and the particles are completely nano-sized. More than 50% of essential oils are saved compared with similar products. 100 ml essential oil products of the same kind can work 12 hours a day and can be calculated for one month, then the product can be used for more than two months. In addition, long term use will not produce the phenomenon of essential oil on the ground.

2. Essential oils and fragrance spreading machine X2 microcomputer automatic control. No reset is needed after power failure, built-in memory function.

3. Essential oil fragrance expander X2 can provide fragrance service at any time: it can set three time periods; it can set working days and rest days;

4. Essential oil fragrance expander X2 fragrance concentration can be adjusted: in addition to adjusting the frequency, it can also directly control the flow to ensure realization (customization);

5. X2 power supply of essential oil fragrance expander is flexible: it can be supplied directly by dry battery or by power adapter;

6. X2 can install the bracket to fix the wall to ensure that the machine is flexible.

7. The essential oil of X2 is equipped with a fan to ensure the diffusion speed and efficiency of essential oils.

8. The X2 of essential oil spreading machine contains a lot of patent protection.

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