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Essential Oil Diffusion System For High-end Market 1000ml Scent Machine Double Nozzle Large Cold Air Diffuser Machine

DR-022 is a professional scent diffuser machine and can be customized according to your brand and market position,especially for hotel and large area, which is quickly fragrant and has no resistance air circulation convection.It is perfect for air conditioning systems as to attract customers. It can greatly enhance the diffuse time and range of essential oil emission, and it is environmental-friendly product. It has low energy consumption and provides you with quiet comfortable environment.
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  Essential Oil Diffusion System For High-end Market 1000ml Scent Machine Double Nozzle Large Cold Air Diffuser Machine

  Nozzle Material: Imported stainless steel 316L

 Voltage: 220V/50HZ 

  Power: ≦75W

  Volume: 25dba

  Size: L330* W180* H180mm

  N.W: 8.5KG

  Bottle capacity: 1000ml

  Main Material: Aluminum alloy with anodized surface

  Oil consumption: 0~6ml/h

  Coverage: ≤6000m3                             

  Color: White

  Certification: CE,RoHS,FCC

  Mist Method: Patent atomization technology


Product Advantages

1. Full-automatic control by microcomputer,allowing aroma service at any time,intensity of scent available for adjustment.

2. Using the principle of two-fluid atomization,the scent and essential oil are completely mixed inside the nozzle to form a nano-level atomization state.

3. Imported air pump, with 24-hour continuous operation and more than 15000 hours of service life, producing

low noise.

Connect to central air conditioning

1. First check if all the equipments are complete,then take out the atomizer connector at the atomization outlet,replace the quick connector to connect the external mounting tube and charge,then turn on the power.

2. Turn off the fan switch for program setting,add essential oil,connect the mounting tube to the air outlet of the central air supply system and secure the device.

(Note: For the first time, you need to power off and install essential oil equipment before setting up the program.)


How to maintain

Maintenance: If the equipment does not necessary to operate for a long time,it needs to be cleaned with 95% industrial alcohol for the internal nozzles and other accessories.

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Personal label or company logo printed is welcome. OEM and ODM could be offered as your request.

OEM: Brand labeling/Private label/Custom logo/Packing box

ODM: Can be customized exclusive textures and colors or ODM

QC: Barcode/Label stickers

DS: Offer the original template and suggestions for designing and sharing the ideas and pictures

Applicable Environment

Hotel Rooms, KTV, Conference Room, Office, Gym, Model Room, Family, Elevator, Car, Washroom, Exhibition Hall (cabinet), High-speed Service Area, Shopping Center, Physical Shop, Supermarket, Grocery Store, Flower Store, Pharmacy,Shoes Shop, Cafe...


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Delivery Time: Samples within 3-7 working days after payment received, about 25-30 working days for bulk order.

Packing: Standard Export Neutral Package ; As clients' request


1. Receive 50% in advance for customization; Advance of 30%  for the Non-customized and shipment after the receipt of balance.

2. 100% in advanced payment for the small order ( the total amount is below $5000 )

3. Paid by T/T, Paypal, Western Union or as your request.

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All of our products have approved the CE,RoHS,ISO9001,FCC certificate and other related certificates can be applied if needed.


Technical Problems:



Please Note:

  1. The equipment should be placed vertically upwards to avoid damage to core internal parts of the equipment caused by oil leakage.

  2. In conjunction with the machine used in the system, the machine should be placed under the unit. The hose should be placed vertically upwards. Do not bend the hose or place it downward to prevent oil clogging or reflowing.

  3. If the machine needs to be returned to the factory for repair, customer needs to take out the essential oil bottle in the equipment or empty the essential oil in the bottle to avoid leakage of essential oil during the transportation of the equipment, resulting in unnecessary loss.

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